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As an experiment in history by the LGBTQ community, the content of OutHistory.org is user-generated by volunteers. Content is also solicited from independent scholars, institutionally-based researchers, and anyone with data, source citations, and the willingness to share them.

Users are encouraged to participate in creating the site, following the site’s Contributors’ Guidelines. Content can be submitted by any user interested in helping OutHistory.org make history, and we welcome that participation.

Ways to Participate

  • All users can freely discuss the site or discuss a particular article or timeline entry, including stub articles (see below). Suggestions for additions to or changes in entries will be seriously considered by all of us who work to improve the content to the site.
  • Users can search the site’s stub categories, articles for which content is desired, but for which there is no or little content, and begin to fill in a stub.
  • Users can also create new stub categories, suggestions for entries for which there is no or little content. And, if users desire, they can begin to fill in the new stub article.
  • Users can suggest or add a timeline stub.
  • Users can offer documents: audio recordings, court records, diaries, letters, photographs, publications, movies, video, or other evidence relevant to LGBTQ history.
  • Users can offer skills: administrative, editing, copy-editing, fundraising, graphic design, proof-reading, research, technical, writing, etc.
  • Teachers can work with students to submit content to the site. Before participating, please do study the Contributors’ Guidelines.
  • And, of course, you can always contribute to the site by donating financially to it, and helping insure its continued existence.

If you want to participate in some way, but your questions are not answered here or elsewhere on the site, please contact the Project Coordinator.