New York Times: "sodomy", November 4, 1851

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First use of term "sodomy" in The New York Times

In a front-page listing of twelve crimes to be tried in November 1851, in the New York Court of General Sessions, The New York Times lists one case of "sodomy."[1] This is the first use of the term "sodomy" in the Times.

Court of General Sessions. –Yesterday being the first Monday in the month, the Court of General Sessions commenced the Criminal Calendar for the November term. The following list a list of the prisoners and the crimes for which they are charged:

Grand Larceny 31
Burglary 15
Robbery 7
Attempt to kill 6
Murder 3
Receiving stolen goods 1
Indecent exposure of person 1
Embezzlement 1
Sodomy 1
Abandonment 1
Bigamy 1
Forgery 1
Total Number 70


  1. “NEW-YORK CITY; AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. . . .” New York Times, November 4, 1851, front page.




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