New York City Pride Parade, June 1994

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The following images are from the New York City Pride Parade in June, 1994. They were taken by Jonas Kulikauskas a Los Angeles based artist who lived in New York from 1993-1998.

Copyright © Jonas Kulikauskas 2010. All rights reserved.

35MM004 crowds.jpg

35MM004 leather.jpg

35MM004 Queen photographers.jpg

35MM004 Queenpraise.jpg

35MM005 fan.jpg

35MM005 ghost.jpg

35MM005 queen.jpg

35MM005 whores.jpg

35MM006 Lesbian banner.jpg

35MM006 priests.jpg

35MM006 rainbow.jpg

35MM007 police.jpg

35MM007 Stonewall1.jpg

35MM008 transgender.jpg <comments />