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By Jeff Auer (c) 2010

The Mr./Miss David contest was founded in 1972 by the popular Jacksonville, Florida based magazine David. It was modeled on the Groovy guy contest sponsored by the advocate magazine. However the David contest was never based in one state and featured both men and transgendered people.

The first Miss David contest was held November 27 1971 at the Knight Out bar in Jacksonville, Florida.

The first Mr. David contest was held July 3, 1972 at The Sweet Gum Head Bar in Atlanta, GA. The winner was crowned Mr. David 1972-1973.

In 1973/74 the contest was held at the St. George hotel in Brooklyn, NY.

The 1974/75 contest was billed as the David Convention and lasted from August 2-6 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Unlike the previous year the contest was split into two nights with the Miss David Pageant held August 4 and the Mr. David Pageant held August 5.

The contest ran through the 1980's.

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