Judy Klemesrud: “heterosexual woman”, March 28, 1971

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The phrase “heterosexual woman” (singular) first appeared in The New York Times, in the Sunday magazine section, in an article by Judy Klemesrud on recent developments in lesbian political organizing titled “The Disciples Of Sappho, Updated,” published on March 28, 1971.[1]

The naming and specifying of the "heterosexual woman" was one result of the new political organizing and naming of lesbians in the mass media.

The phrase “heterosexual women” (plural) appeared for the second time in this Times article.

For the first use of the phrase “heterosexual women” (plural) see: Natalie Jaffe: “heterosexual women”, May 1, 1966.

See also: Heterosexual History Timeline, Part 2


  1. Judy Klemesrud, “The Disciples Of Sappho, Updated” , New York Times Magazine, March 28, 1971, page Sm 38.

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