Josephine A. Jackson, M.D.: "heterosexual", April 23, 1928

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Medical doctor Josephine A. Jackson publishes a column headed "Outwitting Your Nerves", and subheaded: "Call a Consultant," published in The Border Cities Star, a newspaper serving Ford, Walkerville, Windsor, Sandwich and Ojibway, Canada, April 23, 1928.[1]

The unfolding of the love instinct includes four phases: the self love of the infant, the object love of the small child (toward parent). the pal or chum phase lasting well into the 'teens, and the culminating heterosexual love or attraction between the sexes. Arrest at any one of the earlier phases is a perversion, resulting in the death of the instinct itself, and the burdening of the personality with a disease that checks all normal growth and makes it a menace to society.

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