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Content first published on by the independent scholar and historian. Also search for his works republished on

Herbert Spiers: November 8, 1945-March 2, 2011

Jonathan Ned Katz: Americans in Württemberg Scandal, 1888

A long historical essay about three Americans who got into trouble in Germany, in the late 19th century.

Jonathan Ned Katz: Introduction to Anthony Gonzales' Subway Sex Idols; New York City, 2008

Wonderful art and raunchy fantasies set in New York City's subways

Jonathan Ned Katz: Introduction to Faith S. Holsaert's "Chosen Girl", 2003

A marvelous fiction depicting intersections of race, gender, and homophobia in 1950s Greenwich Village

Jonathan Ned Katz: Recalling My Play "Coming Out!" June 1972

Jonathan Ned Katz: Zapping the New York Academy of Medicine, April 6, 1976

The original typescript of a speech only partly proclaimed at a political action against homophobic doctors.

Jonathan Ned Katz and Tavia Nyong’o: Visualizing the Man-Monster, 1836

Two historians present an original on-line exhibit created for the debut of Pop-Up Soho, a production of the Pop-Up Museum of Queer History.

Timeline: ZAP! Art and the Queer Revolution, 1969-present