Important Locations in Seattle, Washington's LGBTQ History: 1930-2009

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Curated by the NWLGHMP University of Washington team. Copyright (c) by NWLGHMP 2009. All rights reserved.

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This exhibit chronicles Seattle Washington's Lesbian Gay and Transgendered population through an interactive Google Map. The map shows locations of important points in their culture along with pictures and a short description. This map was first started in the Spring of 2008 by the Northwest Lesbian Gay History Museum Project (NWLGHMP) members and University of Washington Students.


The Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project (NWLGHMP) is a non-profit volunteer organization based in Seattle. They research, interpret and communicate the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the Pacific Northwest for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment.

Exhibit Pages:

-Link to the parade routes & map


-January 14, 1981 - HIV/AIDS epidemic reaches Everytown

-March, 24 1986 - Gay bar in Everytown opens

-December, 1992 - Legal battle erupts over lesbian mother's rights in local divorce case

-October,1996 - First LGBTQ rights organization in Everytown is created

-February, 2003 - Gender and Sexuality studies course offered at local college

-January, 2009 - Brutal trans-bashing reported in Everytown


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