Herbert Spiers: November 8, 1945-March 2, 2011

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Obituary of Herbert Spiers under construction, along with a list of representative photographs (dated, if possible), and an alphabetical bibliography of works about and by Spiers, and a Timeline of his life.

OPEN ENTRY: This entry is open to collaborative creation by anyone with evidence, citations, and analysis to share, so no particular, named creator is responsible for the accuracy and cogency of its content. Please use this entry's Comment section at the bottom of the page to suggest improvements about which you are unsure. Thanks.


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CBC Digital Archives: "Drag queens on Halloween". Broadcast Date: Oct. 30, 1973

Spiers interviewed. CBC description: "Exuberant cross-dressers, gay-baiting hecklers and glamorous female impersonators: they're all part of the scene at Toronto's Club Manatee on Halloween night in the early 1970s. The unlicensed gay dance club hosts a popular drag show every Halloween, attracting both friendly and hostile crowds. In this CBC-TV film from 1973, vignettes from the street outside are interspersed with scenes of three men and a woman dressing up for the evening – the men in women's clothes and makeup, the woman with a man's hat and pencil moustache. Warning: This item contains offensive language."

Spiers, Herb. Interviewed by Sarah Schulman, July 2, 2008. Act Up Oral History Project. Interview Number: 090

Spiers, Herb. Ph.D. Thesis.

Spiers, Herb. Photograph. Cover, The Body Politic (Toronto), <pub data, page?>

Spiers, Herb. Photograph naked. The Body Politic (Toronto) <pub data, inside page? >


Basic Info:

Born: November 8, 1945, Columbus, Ohio

Died: March 2, 2011, 11:35 pm

Surviving Partner: Joe Daniel

Surviving Relatives:

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