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>==To Upload Images and Audio You Must Sign In==

To upload image and audio files, click on the "upload file" function located on the left, red navigation bar, near the bottom.

In order to save server space and its cost, please upload jpeg and other image files at the lowest possible resolution at which they appear clear on the website: at 75 dpi, or 150 dpi. Please do not upload larger files without permission from

Re texts, in most cases OutHistory prefers uploads of searchable texts, unless viewing the original document has special importance.

To add searchable texts to OutHistory

The easiest way to add searchable texts to OutHistory is NOT to upload. Instead:

1 Scan the text page or pages at 72 x 72 dots per inch (dpi) or 75 x 75 dpi.

2 Process the scanned page or pages using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

3 Copy the text of one page at a time into the titled entry you have already created (see how to below).

Named Author, Protected Entry

To create an entry by a named author and then have it protected:

1 Carefully choose a short title, starting with:

(1) the author's last name,
(2) followed by a colon,
(3) followed by a short title in quotes,
(4) followed by a comma within the quotes,
(5) followed by the day, month, year of first publication, or just the month and year, or just the year if that is all the info you have.

Here's an example: Katz: "Invention of Heterosexuality," March 1995

2 Type the short title in the search box.

3 Search for the title.

4 Click on the title.

5 Add text to the entry with your title.

6 Be sure to click on the "Save Page" box at the very bottom of the entry.

7 Email and ask the Project Coordinator to "Protect" your named author entry. <comments />