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>IMPORTANT: Titles may not include special characters like & and @, and they may not begin with quotation marks. Quotation marks can be used after the beginning of the title.

In order to create a new entry, first create a specific, descriptive title.

Titles should be clear, as brief as possible, and, as this is a history site, titles should include a date, if at all possible.

Titles should not usually be generic (like: Chicago LGBTQ History). But numbers of open entries in the Historiography section do have generic titles.

Title formats

  • Title: Subtitle; Place, Month day, year
Example: Buggery case: Mathew Giles; New Hampshire, July 4, 1663

  • Author: Subtitle, Place, year
Example: John D'Emilio: "Gay Power," Chicago, 1966

  • Title, year-year
Example 1: John W. Sterling and James O. Bloss, 1870-1918;
Example 2: The Lesbian In Literature, 1967-1981

  • Title, year
Example: Ma Rainey's "Prove It On Me Blues," 1928

Once you have your title, enter it into the Search box to see if there is a entry that already has the same title or that has similar content.

If there is an entry with similar content that is open, add your content to the existing entry.

If there is not an entry with the same title or content, the simplest way to create a new entry is as follows:

click on your title, and you will be in Edit mode for that title;
add your content under that title;
save, using the save box at the bottom of the screen.

Also See Create an Entry <comments />