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NOTE: This entry is a work in progress.

Using Time Era Search

1 To search by a particular predesignated time era in U.S. history, on the "Search" box click on "MORE".

2 Click on "Time era search".

3 In the box labeled "Search articles by timeline era," click on a particular time era.

4 If you wish to narrow the search, put a key word in the "Search for" box.

5 If you wish, choose what namespaces (sections of OutHistory) you wish to search.

6 Choose "Search" and Enter.

Enabling a Time Era Search

1 For "Time Era Search" to provide a list of the entries whose dates fall within a particular time era, at minimum, a year must have previously been entered in the "Article timeline" "From" box AND in the "Article timeline" "To" box.

2 For example, for an entry to show up in the results of a "Time Era Search" the "Article timeline" "From" box must at minimum include a year (for example, 1626), AND the "Article timeline" "To" box must include a year (for example, 1626, or 1713, or 1830).

Naming or Renaming Time Eras

1 To name or rename one or more time eras and/or dates, you need to get a special administrative user name and password by emailing a Special System Operator at <IS THIS CORRECT???>

2 To name or rename one or more time eras and/or associated dates go to the administrative "manage" section at:

3 Type in the special user name and password.

4 Choose Manage timeline. <????>

5 In the "Time Title" box type the time era name followed by a colon, followed by the start year and end year.

6 Enter "Time From" year month and date.

7 Enter "Time To" year month and date.

8 Enter time.< ???>

9 Use "Action" boxes to: [INSTRUCTIONS TO COME: WHAT FOLLOWS MIGHT BE WRONG] (1) Move a Time Era up (2) Move a Time Era down (3) Edit a particular time era (4) Delete a particular Time Era