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You need Sysop (System Operator) status in order to delete spam and block spammers. Apply to the technical team for Sysop status.

1 Open OutHistory,org in a first and second window.

2 In each of the two windows, click on "Recent Changes". (The reason for opening "Recent Changes" in two windows is so that you can DELETE the spam and spammer from the first window, and still be able to BLOCK the spammer in the second window.)

3 In "Recent Changes," in window one, check "Discuss" entries as they are usually the depository sites of spam.

4 Note the characteristic email addresses from which spam is sent.

5 Click on the entries that look like they come from an email address that might be spam.

6 Copy each of the spam entries into a word document to be sent to the technical team and Project Coordinator after all the current spam is collected and deleted from the site, and the spammers blocked.

7 Delete the spam entry after it is copied.


8 In window two, in "Recent Changes," block the spammer address that has just been deleted.

9 Go back to "Recent Changes" in window one, and locate and delete any spam entries, and, in window two, block each spammer address.

10 When all the current spam is copied into a Word document, email the spam entries to the technical team so that they can do what they can to block the spammer.

Notes: Some spam entries are blocked by automatic technical means. Other spam entries have to be deleted manually. Blocking the user will not delete the spam.