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To search the site go to the Search function on the left red bar and type in a key word. Try "MORE" for advanced search options.

Search, Generic

Type a word in the search box on the left red bar and study your search results.

Search "MORE"

Enables searches by particular subjects via Timeline search or Time era search in addition to Generic Search.
Also enables searches in particular "namespaces" (parts of the structure of OutHistory), including: "(Main) Discuss," "Category Category discuss," "Help Help discuss." "Image Image discuss." "Template Template discuss." "User User discuss"

Search for Words of Four-or-less Letters

The search function of does NOT search for words of four-or-less letters. To search OutHistory for words of four-or-less letters, or any term, use Google by adding your search term to Google Search.

Search Stubs:

Users can search the site’s stub articles, entries for which there is no or little content, and begin to fill in a stub.


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