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Who Can Participate?

All users can comment on the site and network with others via the Discuss option on the Main Page top bar. All users can comment on a particular entry and network about it via the "Discuss” section of that entry.

As an experiment in history by the people, all logged on users with data, documents, citations, or skills to share can create entries, or edit, add to, and improve any entry except those with a named creator, or those closed to protect their content.

How Can I Participate?

In addition to creating your own entries, you can supplement or edit existing unprotected entries.

Delete and Add New Text

To strike out deleted material add the tags <s> and </s> around the words you'd like to strike out. For example:

<s>this material is incorrect</s>

Which will appear like this on the web page:

this material is incorrect

You can underline new material by putting the tags <u> and </u> around the new text like this:

<u>underline new material</u>

Which shows up like this on the web page:

underline new material

Invisible text (comments)

It's uncommon, but on occasion acceptable, to add a hidden comment within the text of an article by typing this:

<!--- This is an example of text that won't normally be visible except in "edit" mode. --->

You must go to edit mode to see the following example on the web page: