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>Page titles in OutHistory are composed of two parts: an optional namespace name, and the remainder of the title. For example, this page has the title <nowiki>[[</nowiki>Help:Namespace<nowiki>]]</nowiki>, so it is in the Help namespace. A title without a colon, for example <nowiki>Goings-on</nowiki>, is in the main namespace. Take note that If a page title contains a colon, but the initial part of the title is not one of the pre-defined namespaces, that page is considered to be in the main namespace.

Namespaces allow, among other things, a separation of content from policy and discussion. They encourage separation of the pages of a wiki into a core set intended for public viewing, and private information intended for the editing community.

This core set is the main namespace. Other namespaces that are also useful to viewers are:

  • the image namespace (with the full-size images)
  • the category namespace (for navigation)
  • the help pages and the preferences page (as far as they concern viewing)

By default, searches are performed and the random page feature exist only within the main namespace (thus the user interface is directed towards readers who are not part of the community). However on the search results page, users can choose to search within any existing namespace on the site.

  • Most pages which let administrators modify content or manage user accounts are located in the "Special" namespace, such as What links here page.

  • All user pages are located in a "User" namespace. And user talk pages are located in a "User talk" namespace.
  • Templates are located in a "Template" namespace.
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