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What is a default sort key?

A page's default sort key, {{DEFAULTSORT}}, establishes the way that page will be alphabetized on the category pages to which it is linked. If a default sort ket is not specified, the default sort key is the article title. It is therefore not technically necessary to provide a {{DEFAULTSORT}} value if the article title is the desired default sort key.

Setting a default sort key

In some cases, alphabetizing an article by its title does not make sense. For example, an article such as The Sex Wars, 1970s to 1980s would automatically be alphabetized on its category pages under T rather than S. To solve this problem simply write {{DEFAULTSORT: Sex Wars, 1970s to 1980s}} above the categories listed on that page.

Even more importantly, pages about a person, such as George Eighmey, would be alphabetized by the person's first rather than last name. To solve this problem write {{DEFAULTSORT:Eighmey, George}} above the categories listed on that page.

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