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Add Comment Function on a Particular Page

The Comment function is automatically added to the end of the last line of a page using the tag: <comments />

A technical glitch created by the Comment tag being added to the last line prevents the last code from being parsed properly.

This can be corrected in edit mode by manually pushing the <comments /> tag to a new line.

Block Comment Function on a Particular Page

1. Login as a System Operator (Sysop).

You need special permission to become a Sysop: email OutHistory to request Sysop privileges.

2. Go to Special Pages from left red bar.

3. Go to All Pages from the list.

4. Fill the search form to find the page. Enter the page name and select Discuss from the Namespace list. Hit go.

5. Click the name of the page from the search result to go the Discuss page.

6. Now from the Discuss page you protect it clicking the link on the yellow bar.

Delete Comment Texts

To delete comment texts after they have been posted, a Sysops must edit the Discuss page manually to delete any comment posted.

Log in, then go to Discuss page and do one of the following:

1. Click Special Pages > Click All Pages > Select Discuss namespace and search for the page.

2. Click Recent Changes > Click ‘Discuss’ link beside any Article link

3. You can also go to any Discuss page by doing the following.

If a there is an article titled Test and the link is

just add Discuss: before the article name

and browse

<comments />