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by: Jeff Auer

Gay disco started out in New York City at the legendary private party The Loft in 1970. At the same time gay disco culture spread to the Pines and Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

Gay disco was predominately found in major U.S. cities throughout the early 1970's. Gay disco went mainstream with the opening of Studio 54 in 1977.

Disco culture suffered from the anti-AIDS fear of the 1980s with many people associating gay disco culture with promiscuity and a hedonistic lifestyle. At that point in time disco started being called "dance music" and discos, "dance clubs".

Among the most popular gay discos throughout cities across the United States were:

Atlanta, Georgia

Sweet Gum Head, The Cove

Boston, Massachusetts

Chaps, 1270

Chicago, Illinois

Eddie Dugan's Bistro, The Glory Hole, Sunday's, Alfie's

Fire Island, NY

Ice Palace, Sandpiper

Fresno, CA

Circle Disco

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hula's Bar and Lei Stand

Key West, Florida

The Monster, Delmonico's

Laguna Beach, California

Boom Boom Room

Los Angeles, California

Studio One, The Spike, Gino's, Ripples, The Probe, Dude City, After Dark, Circus Disco, Odyssey

Miami, Florida

The Copa, The Warehouse VIII, Ambassador III, Keith's Cruise Room, The Poop Deck (at the Marlin Beach Hotel)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sutton’s Place

New Orleans, Louisiana

Bourbon Pub and Parade

New York City, New York

Club Casablanca, The Flamingo, The Limelight, The Loft, The Nickel Bar,Omega, The Saint, Sanctuary, Studio 54, Tamburlaine

Oakland, California

White Horse Inn

Orlando, Florida

Parliment House

Palm Springs, California

C.C. Construction Company

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Boatslip, Atlantic House

San Francisco, California

The Endup, Buzzby's, I-Beam

Seattle, Washington

Shelly’s Leg

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