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Gay clothing stores first started appearing in American cities in the 1960s. They were usually owned and run by gay men that used to be involved with the mainstream fashion industry. What set these stores apart was that they tended to sell and design male clothes that were shape hugging and/or revealing at a time when mainstream men's fashion looked down on this. By the 1980s the fashion industry started to incorporate gay men's fashion sense and thus make it mainstream. At this point many of the original gay men's clothing stores started to close.

Among the most popular of these stores were:

Atlanta: Malepak.

Denver: The Haberdashery.

Los Angeles: Ah Men Shop for Men, Conrad Germain Designs, International Male, My Mother Lives in Cincinatti, That Look Clothing Store, Undergear.

New York City: The Man's Boutique.

San Francisco: All American Boy, The Casual Man, Town squire.

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