First Women's One World (WOW) Festival

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WOW Festival

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Starting October 2-19, 1980, a group calling itself Allied Farces (made up of Pamela Camhe, Jordy Mark, Peggy Shaw, and Lois Weaver) organized and produced a 18-day long international festival highlighting the work of women as performers, musicians, dancers and artists. The popularity of this festival would eventually lead to the formation of New York City's highly influential year-round women's performance collective and space known as the WOW Cafe.

"The Festival celebrates the diversity of women and represents many different interests, ethnic groups and lifestyles. Whatever women are is what the Festival will be."[1]

Primary Sources

Cover from 1980 WOW Festival program. Artwork by Peggy Shaw. From the collection of Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver.


  1. The information on this entry is based on the program and press release information and the quote is from the 1980 Women's One World Festival press release. There is no name or date specified on the press release.