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OutHistory’s featured exhibits are curated by scholars in the field of LGBTQ history, knowledgeable researchers, or collectors. They provide a focused look at a few, particular aspects of this history. If you are interested in helping us expand the range of queer histories covered in future exhibits, please email outhistory@gc.cuny.edu.

Postcards: Masculine Women and Feminine Men

Images from the collection of Marshall Weeks

Postcards depicting "masculine" women and "sissy boys" (early-twentieth-century).


The Pre-Gay Era in the USA

Curated by C. Todd White

Homosexual rights activists, organizations, and publications in the U.S. (1950s-1969).


WOW Cafe, Festival, and Theatre New York City

Curated by Mimi McGurl

Lesbian theatre history focusing on New York’s WOW Café, Festival, and Theatre (1980-present).

Brandon Teena

Queer Youth - On Campus and in the Media

Curated by Sharon Ullman

Activism on college and high school campuses; queer youth in the media (1947-2007).

Harvey Milk's grave

Out and Elected in the USA

Photographed, Researched, and Written by Ron Schlittler

115 openly gay or lesbian people elected to public office in the U.S. (1974-2004).

John Winthrop

Colonial America: The Age of Sodomitical Sin

Curated by Jonathan Ned Katz

The founding era of what became the United States (1607-1776).


Lesbians in the Twentieth Century

Curated by Esther Newton

Exploring Lesbian identity (1900-1999)