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"A View From My Window: The Christopher Street Liberation Day March, 1970-1985"

Explore fifteen years of the New York City Pride Parade through Suzanne Poli's exceptional photographs.


Blog on History

Joan Nestle, co-founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives offers a series of musings on lesbian history in these pages.


Campaign for a New York City Transgender Rights Law

Read about the campaign for a transgender rights law in New York City between 2000 and 2002. This exhibit was created by Pauline Park, co-chair and co-founder of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA).

John Winthrop

Colonial America: The Age of Sodomitical Sin, 1607-1776

Learn about sexual activity and its punishment in the founding era of what became the United States.


Come Out! Magazine

Look through PDFs of Come Out! magazine, a gay liberation-era publication.


Coming Out Into Come Out!

Read about the coming out experience of Gay Liberationist Perry Brass.


Edward Field: 1924-present

Learn about the life of gay poet Edward Field.


Gender-Crossing Women, 1782-1920

Examine primary documents reprinted from Jonathan Ned Katz's Gay American History about the lives of women who lived as men.


John D'Emilio: History and Me, 1950-2008

Read John D'Emilio's series of articles for the Windy City Times about Chicago's gay history and his own career as an historian of sexuality.


Jonathan Ned Katz, Recalling My Play "Coming Out!" June 1972

Read Jonathan's contemporary reflections on his 1972 play.


The Lesbian Herstory Archives Button Collection

This exhibit features a sample of over 50 lesbian political buttons from the Lesbian Herstory Archives' Collection.

Grier Lesbians in Literature 3 cover3.jpg

The Lesbian in Literature

This page features a searchable edition of Barbara Grier's bibliography The Lesbian in Literature.


Lesbians in the Twentieth Century: 1900-1999

Scholar Esther Newton and her graduate students explore the history of lesbian identity from 1900 to 1999 in this exhibit.


Native Americans/Gay Americans; 1528-1976

Look through this collection of primary documents describing homosexuality among Native Americans.

Harvey Milk's grave

Out and Elected in the USA: 1974-2004

Learn about 107 openly gay or lesbian people elected to public office in the U.S. before 2004 in this exhibit, photographed, researched, and written by Ron Schlittler.


Photography Collection: Gender Bending Women

Explore photographs from the early-twentieth century of women wearing masculine clothing. Photos in this exhibit were submitted by collector Sharon Weinman.


Polk Street History Project

Check out this exhibit about LGBTQ communities in the Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco, created by 2008 OutHistory.org Fellowship winner Joey Plaster.


Postcards: Masculine Women, Feminine Men; early-20th c.

These postcards from the collection of Marshall Weeks depict "masculine" women and "sissy boys."


The Pre-Gay Era in the USA: 1950-1969

C. Todd White’s exhibit describes homosexual rights activists, organizations, and publications in the U.S. before the Stonewall riots.


Queer Bronzeville

Learn about the development of queer communities in Bronzeville, a neighborhood on Chicago's South Side. This exhibit was created by 2008 OutHistory.org Fellowship winner Tristan Cabello.

Brandon Teena

Queer Youth: On Campus and in the Media, 1947-2007

Undergraduate students at Haveford and Bryn Mawr created this exhibit about activism on college and high school campuses as well as queer youth in the media.

SW Head2.jpg

Stonewall Riot Police Reports

Examine newly obtained documents revealing the name of a woman and three men arrested at the Stonewall riot!