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Original Document 8B (bottom of Document 8A)

NYPD 8B.150dpi.jpeg

Transcription of Document 8B:

3) Ptl ["Andrew" blacked out] Scheu nw ["MW"?] 28 #25892 of [?] 52 [?] -6 Pct

of [blacked out] while effecting arrest

ag ["against"? or "of"?] [blacked out] of [blacked out]

Bky ["Brooklyn"][1] to St Vin[cent's Hosp[ital]. Treated thereat by

Dr. Donnelly and released. Diagnosis: Contusion

& abrasion L. orbital area, Frac. L. wrist. Pcl [?} Scheu reported

sick MBI Prepared 4F6#2643

4) Ptl [blacked out] Colquhosen [?] #13605-6 Pct.

while effecting arrest of [blacked out]

[blacked out] NYC received [?] inj[ury] to lt. [left?] leg


  1. Stonewall police reports listed on OutHistory as Documents 4 and 5 indicate that Officer Scheu arrested Wolfgang Podolski, so it is Podolski who probably lived in Brooklyn.

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