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Original Document 4:

Modus Operandi and Pedigree Report

Against Wolfgang Podolski by Officer Andrew Scheu

Time of Occurrence: 3 am, 6/28/69

NYPD 2.150dpi.jpeg

Transcription of Document 4:

Modus Operandi and Pedigree Report,

Prisioner's Name (Last Name) Podolski (First Name) Wolfgang

Date and Time of Arrest 6/28/69 3 am

Criminal Record No. 758882[?]

Pct of Arrest 6th

Arrest No. 1593

Standing Photo No. 133623

Location of Arrest F/O 53 Christopher St

(Rank) (Name) Arresting Officer Ptl. Andrew Scheu (Shield) 25692 [obscure number] 6 Pct. [Precinct]

Occupation [of prisoner] [obscure word: "Waiter" or "Writer"][1]

Crime [obscure word] (Title and Specific Offense) FL ; 20.05-3 Fel. ASSLT MD #2 PL [obscure.30] [obscure] RES ARREST [obscure words] officer in that he did strike officer with rolled newspaper causing him to fall to ground fracturing wrist. #2. Resisting Arrest

Date and Time of Crime 6-28-69 [obscure number]

Crime Committed At F?O? 53 Christopher St. Outside

Type of Building (Vehicle, Sstore, Dwelling, Loft, etc.) st[reet]

Complainant Officer

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  1. Transcript NYPD 8B says that a person (name blacked out) arrested by Scheu lived in Brooklyn. This was probably Podolski.

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