Contract Between Dr. Victor Robinson and Ralph Werther

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Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, 1921




(l) Werther here disposes of only the serial rights. Everything else in connection with the book remains his own private property, except that the copyright will be IN THE NAME of Dr.Alfred W.Herzog.

(2) Underneath title of each instalment will be printed, with the year, the following line:

(Copyright,192l, by Dr.Alfred W.Herzog)

(3) Dr. Robinson has the privilege of terminating this agreement at any time after the publication of the first instalment of THE RIDDLE, but nevertheless the number of pages of advertising space will be given to Werther that will have been earned to date of termination of this agreement: that is one page of advertising space as compensation for each six full pages of text of THE RIDDLE that have been published in MEDICAL LIFE.

(4) This contract automatically ceases if Dr. Robinson fails to carry out his side of the agreement; particularly if MEDICAL LIFE should become as much as three months tardy in its MONTHLY issues.

(5) Werther guarantees that THE RIDDLE, in final copy submitted to Dr. Robinson to go to printer, will follow closely the preliminary draft which has been reviewed by Dr. Robinson, but the final copy will be much improved from a literary standpoint.

(6) Werther guarantees that THE RIDDLE, in final copy, will contain at least 50,000, and not more than 60,000 words. (The preliminary draft, reviwed by Dr. Robinson, contains 58,000 words.)

(7) If any illustrations should be desired by MEDICAL LIFE, the plates will be rented by the author for printing therefrom at three dollars for each plate.

Page 2--contract, Dr.R & R.W.

(8) As soon as delivered from the binder, two copies of each issue of MEDICAL LIFE that contains an instalment of THE RIDDLE to be mailed to Ralph Werther, and one copy to Dr. A. W. Herzog.


(9) Dr. Robinson is to give Werther one full page, in MEDICAL LIFE, of advertising space for Werther's various published works (inc1uding works still to be published) in exchange for each six fu11 pages of text of THE RIDDLE published in MEDICAL LIFE. Each page to be regarded as the equivalent of four hundred words.

(10) That advertising space to be used for at least two reprintings from the six plates advertising the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ANDROGYNE--the ad already appearing in the Nov. 1920 MEDICAL LIFE. The issues in which these reprints are to appear to be determined later by Werther.

(11) The balance or advertising space compensated to Werther to be used in ads of a minimum of a quarter of a page, as later to be determined by Werther, within TWENTY-FOUR issues of MEDICAL LIFE subsequently to the issue containing the first instalment of THE RIDDLE. Werther is to have the right to change the wording and the size of the ad for each insertion

(12) for each additional privileges of Werther’s of HAVING ELECTROS MADE, see below.


(13) Dr. Robinson agrees that THE RIDDLE will appear in from twelve to fifteen consecutive instalments in MEDICAL LIFE, each instalment averaging betwen 4,000 and 5,000 words, and none to exceed 7,000.

(14) Serial publication to begin not later than the March, 1921, MEDICAL LIFE, and to be completed in not less than twe1ve, nor more than fifteen numbers.

(15) Werther agrees to deposit in the mail the instalment for each months issue a full month, at least, before the first day of the month of issue printed on magazine. EXCEPTING for the very first instalment, which will be deposited in the mail within two weeks fo11owing the

Page 3--Contract,Dr.R & R.W.

signing by Ralph Werther of the letter, supplementary to this Contract, approving the contract price for making the electros, as described below.

(16) Serial publication is not in any way to interfere with book publication of THE RIDDLE not earlier than March, 1922. Nothing else in this contract will prevent such publication.


(17) The composing to be done entirely with good type, betraying no signs of wear.

(18) The size and kind of type, the size of type page, and the space between the lines to be ALWAYS the same as in STUDIES OF ANDROGYNISM published in the Dec. 1920, MEDICAL LIFE (i.e., type page, including page head, 7 1/2 by 4 inches); EXCEPTING that no extra space shall appear between paragraphs as in my article in the Dec. 1920 MEDICAL LIFE.

(19) In each instalment the book's title, THE RIDDLE OF THE UNDERWORLD, is to appear at top of first page, type to be the same as used for STUDIES IN ANDROGYlUSM on page 235 of Dec.1920 issue. Underneath the books title is uniformly to be printed: By "Ralph Werther--Jennie June" Author of AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN ANDROGYNE and THE FEMALE-IMPERSONATORS

(20) Each chapter title is to be printed uniformly in the same kind and size of bold-face type used on page 235 of Dec.1920 issue for

I--The Biological Sport of Fairie-ism

(21) All instalments are to be complete chapters (unless a single chapter should exceed 70,000 words in length), and each chapter is to begin not more than three inches from the top of a page. In the publication of two chapters in one issue, if the first overruns a page by not more than two inches, the following chapter can begin directly, with its title As II of STUDIES on page 241 of Dec. MEDICAL LIFE. Several, short chapters, aggregating less than 7,000 words can be published in one issue.

Page 4--Contract, Dr.R & R.W.

(22) The entire RIDDLE to be published without the omission or change of a word, or a mark of punctuation, or capitalization, AS APPROVED BY WERTHER when he returns the galley proof; EXCEPTING that anything that Dr. Robinson would omit solely on the ground that it would be in conflict with the law against obscene publications, he is at lberty to omit providing he returns to Werther, before the copy goes to the printer, the offending typed pages, as edited by Dr. Robinson, to have such editing O-K’d by Werther.

(23) A set of the galley proof of each instalment to be mailed to Werther as soon as made. Werther to read such proof and correct merely typo erros or omissions by oversight of printer, and other failures to agree with Werther’s copy. Werther will make no changes in proof other than those necessary to make proof agree with copy. Werther’s corrections will be made by printer before the magazine number goes to press.


(24) Of the various instalments of the RIDDLE, the printer will preserve the pages in type until electros can be made for them from which THE RIDDLE will be finally printed for book publication.

(25) From the date of mailing to Werther of his two copies of each issue of MEDICAL LIFE, Werther is to have two weeks in which to correct any departures from copy which still persist as printed in the magazine, chance the running page head and page number to conform with what they will e in book publication, and then return the insalment to the printer. The printer will then change the type of each page accordingly, and mail one set of proof to Werther. Within a week after receipt, Werther will return such proof to the printer, or else send his O.K., when the printer will make an electro-plate for each page, and mail Werther one set of the electro proof.

Page 5—Contract, Dr.R & R.W.

(26) With the mailing to Werther of the electro-plate proof—if not before—his original type manuscript is to be returned to him.

(27) In correcting the type of pages prior to sending them to the foundry for the making of the electros, the printer will add the “signature marks”—that is, the guides to bookbinder.

(28) Werther is to bear the entire expense of the preparation and making of the electros SUBSEQUENTLY TO THE FINAL PRINTING OF EACH ISSUE OF MEDICAL LIFE CONTAINING AN INSTALMENT OF “THE RIDDLE.” That is, HE WILL RECEIVE, AT NO COST, THE TYPE-SETTING OF HIS ENTIRE “RIDDLE” FOR PUBLICATION IN BOOK FORM, AS PART OF HIS COMPENSATION FOR THE SERIAL RIGHTS/Werther will merely bear the expense of changing the type for the running page heads, the new page numbers, and the “signature marks.” In addition to the final making of the electros. THE ELECTROS WILL BE ABSOLULTELY WETHER’S PROPERTY.

(29) BUT SINCE MEDICAL LIFE is in a position to get lower rates for the manufacture of the electros, it will make all agreements and payments to the printer, and charge Werther. Werther will pay for each instalment of electros within a week after he receives the plate proof of that instalment.

(30) After payment for an instalment of electros, Werther is to have the right of having the electros delivere to some address later to be determined by him.

(31) AFTER THE SIGNATURES ARE ATTACHED TO THIS CONTRACT, THERE REMAINS TO MAKE IT BINDING WETHER’S WRITTEN APPROVAL OF DR. ROBINSON’S CONTRACT PRICE for changing the running page heads, page numbers, insertion of the signature marks in type, and the complete manufacture of the electros ready for placing in a printing press. That contract price must be the current price for such work on large orders.

Page 6—Contract, Dr.R & R.W.

In witness of this agreement, the parties hereto have set their hands and seals, the agreement becoming binding when both their signatures have been attached to the ribbon and the carbon copy, together with the written approval mentioned in preceding paragraph.

Date of signature……….. ……………………

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