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Christine Quinn (D), Speaker, New York City Council, New York. Photo by Ron Schlittler.

Christine Quinn (D)

Born July 25, 1966

New York City Council Speaker

New York, New York

Career Overview

Elected New York City Council 1997

Re-elected 2001, 2005

In her position as Speaker of the City Council, after the mayor, she is the most powerful political figure in the city.

Execerpt from Christine Quinn's official City Council biography

In January 2006, the Members of the City Council overwhelmingly chose Christine C. Quinn to be Speaker. As the first woman, openly gay, and Irish Speaker, she brings a new perspective to the diverse challenges facing each of New York City’s distinct communities. Speaker Quinn has set a proactive agenda for the Council as an initiator of legislative and policy initiatives that improve people’s lives. In short, she is working to make government more accessible to New Yorkers in all five boroughs.

Speaker Quinn has made reform a top priority. From limiting lobbyists’ influence in City Hall to putting forth landmark campaign finance reform legislation to increasing transparency in government, she has made significant strides in improving the way the City does business.

In her first year and a half as Speaker, she has had numerous accomplishments including achieving laws and policies in such areas as public safety, early childhood education, relief for small businesses, hunger and nutrition and affordable housing.

Since 1999, Speaker Quinn has served as the representative for the 3rd Council District of Manhattan. She has been a long time pioneer for equal rights, comprehensive health care, improved schools, tenants’ rights and affordable housing. Prior to becoming Speaker, she was Chair of the Council’s Health Committee and worked vigilantly to pass the ban on smoking in all workplaces, expand access to emergency contraception for rape survivors and other women in need, increase the availability of mammograms citywide, preserve school nurses, and secure millions of dollars for HIV prevention services.

Before being elected to the City Council, Speaker Quinn served for five years as Chief of Staff to Council Member Thomas K. Duane. She then worked as Executive Director of the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. During her time with the Anti-Violence Project, Mayor Guiliani appointed her to be a member of the New York City Police/Community Relations Task Force.

Speaker Quinn has been rated one of the fifty most powerful women in New York City by the New York Post, and one of the most influential New Yorkers by New York Magazine.

She and her partner, Kim Catullo, live in Chelsea.

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