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Few activists were so universally loved within the West Coast homophile movement as San Francisco psychologist Blanche M. Baker.

Dr. Baker frequently journeyed to Los Angeles to consult with the administrators of ONE, Incorporated, and participate in ONE’s annual meetings. ONE’s library was dedicated as The Blanche M. Baker Memorial Library on January 15, 1965. Three months later, on April 18, ONE was to forever fracture, with the library and half of ONE’s board members settling in a new location across from Universal City in the San Fernando Valley and incorporating in 1967 as the Homosexual Information Center (HIC).

At the time of the schism, the Blanche M. Baker Memorial Library had come to amass over 2,100 items. This section of the pre-gay era exhibit seeks to reconstruct the library as it was at the time of the split. This database allows us a glimpse into the mindsets of the administrators of ONE, Incorporated, and the publishers of ONE Magazine and ONE Institute Quarterly. These sources provide necessary insights into the pre-gay era and the age of homophile activism.

Don Slater and Jack Gibson were the first curators of the library, which began when ONE was created in 1953. Jim Kepner, who had started collecting homosexual-themed materials in the 1940s, contributed many of his books when he joined the organization in 1954. Other significant contributors to this archives include Vern Bullough, Joseph Hansen, Dr. Harry Benjamin, Blanche M. Baker, and Charles Hamer.

Each item’s current location is indicated where possible. HIC refers to the Homosexual Information Center. Items held within the Vern and Bonnie Bullough Collection on Sex and Gender are available to the public through Oviatt Library at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

The over 2,102 numbered objects in the Baker Library at the time of ONE's division are listed in tables of 250 items per table and may be browsed through the following links.

Titles 1-250 Titles 251-500 Titles 501-750
Titles 751-1000 Titles 1001-1250 Titles 1251-1500
Titles 1501-1750 Titles 1751-2000 Titles 2001-2102


It has taken many years to assemble and edit this information. The HIC expresses gratitude to Layla Arnold, Vern L. Bullough, Tony Gardner, Megan R. Geier, Erik Nieto, Joan R., John Richards, Jim Schneider, David Reinhard, David Sigler, and C. Todd White for helping to glean, validate, and edit this information.

Text by C. Todd White. Copyright (©) 2010 by the The Homosexual Information Center. All rights reserved.
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