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This working bibliography includes all kinds of materials relevant to the life of Earl Lind, Ralph Werther, Jennie June, with the intention that these materials will help researchers understand more about this individual and his society. The bibliography includes all those people and publications known to have some relationship with Lind, Werther, June.

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Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, 1921

Ronald Sell: Encountering Earl Lind, Ralph Werther, Jennie June


Bell, Clark. Oobituary, New York Times, Februuary 23, 1918" says he founded a library on medical jurisprudence in New York City under the auspices of the Medico-Legal Society, of which he was President for fourteen years. Bell died February 22, 1918. He was Editor of the Medico-Legal Journal, 1883-1915. He was married with two daughters. Do his papers exist in any archive?

Berry, Florence. [in 1924 published a defense of homosexuality in the Medico-Legal Journal (N.Y.), vol. 41, no. I, p. 4-9. See:,%22_1923. Source: Browne, F. W. Stella. "Studies in Feminine Inversion," 1923

Ellis, Havelock. “The Study of Sexual Inversion.” Medico-Legal Journal, 1896?, 1894? vol. 12, no ??, date? 148-157.

Hansen, Bert. "American Physicians' Earliest Writings about Homosexuals, 1880-1900."

Herring, Scott. Queering the Underworld: Slumming, Literature, and the Undoing of Lesbian and Gay History. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, December 2007. 272 pages. Cloth ISBN: 9780226327907. Published December 2007. Paper ISBN: 9780226327914. Published December 2007 E-book ISBN: 9780226327921: On Ralph Werther/Jennie June see: pp. 11-12.

Herring, Scott. Introduction to reprint of Autobiography of an Androgyne.

Herzog, Alfred. Lecture, November 27, 1917, published in The Medico-Legal Journal, 34:1-3, (Nov.-Dec. 1917) with notes by Dr. Bernard. <Name of lecture?>

[Herzog, Alfred W.] "Editorial. Homosexuality and the Law." Medico-Legal Journal, August-September 1917, Vol. 34, Nos. 5-6, pp. ??. [Herzog is listed as the editor, owner, and publisher of the Journal so JNK assumes he is the author of this piece, or, at least, agreed with it.]

Herzog, Alfred A. "Homosexuality and the Law". 34 Medico-Legal Journal 1. (1917), pages ? Is this the same as above?

Herzog, Alfred A. Papers?

Leavit, Judith Walzer, and Ronald L. Numbers. Sickness and Health in America: Readings in the History of Medicine and .... Comment on Lind/Werther/June., page 22.

Lind, Earl (Ralph Werther-Jennie June). Autobiography of an Androgyne, ed by and with an intro by Alfred W. Herzog, editor of the New York Medico-Legal Journal (NY: Medico-Legal Journal, 1918). <Check that this is how the author is listed.>

Lind, Earl (Ralph Werther-Jennie June). <Check how the title page lists author's name.>The Female Impersonators. NY: Medico-Legal Journal, 1922. [This is the second volume of the author.]

Lind, Earl. Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, 1921

Five Sections of the Manuscript, and Contract with Victor Robinson

First: Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, Prologue I. How I Came to Write This Book

Second: Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, II. "The Boy Is Father to the Man"

Third: Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, III. Sexual Intermediates in General

Fourth: :Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, PART ONE: MULBERRY STREET, I. Adult Female-Impersonation Apprenticeship Begins

Fifth: Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, VII. VOYEURISM

Sixth: :Contract Between Dr. Victor Robinson and Ralph Werther

Lind, Earl. See also Werther.

Medico-Legal Journal (New York, New York).

In part of his recovered manuscript for the third volume of his memoirs, Lind-Werther-June says: "Note to publisher: I was employed by Clark Bell, LLD, founder and for many years, editor of Medico-Legal Journal. I once gave Dr. Herzog, its present editor, indisputable proof that I had been in the employ of Clark Bell. I refer to Dr. Herzog on this point. He once remarked that criminal lawyers knew “absolutely nothing about inverts.” I attended the criminal courts on Centre Street with Clark Bell as his clerk when he was defending criminals. His identity is known to the editor of the Medico-Legal Journal and the editor. I will get Dr. Herzog’s permission for this note. Quoted from note 7 in Earl Lind (Ralph Werther-Jennie June): The Riddle of the Underworld, VII. VOYEURISM. This suggests that Lind's birth name may be mentioned in Bell's papers, in Herzog's papers, or as a staff member of the Medico-Legal Journal, of New York.

Medico-Legal Society (New York, New York).

Does Lind say he worked for this organization? If so, where? Page number?

Newton, Robert S. [Newton was the doctor who Lind/Werther/June come to terms with his gender and sexual non-conformity.] He as an M.D. Elected first present of the Eclectic Medical College of New York, organized by special charter, 1865. “The distinguishing doctrines of this school are an avoidance of depletion, and the use of such therapeutical agents as are calculated to build up. VegetablHhistory ..., Volume 3, edited by John Clark Ridpath, p. 890, copyright 1897, by H. K. Wrigh†. On line.

Robinson, Victor. "An Essay on Hasheesh: Historical and Experimental." Medical Review of Reviews 1912

Robinson, Victor, M.D. The Story of Medicine: By Victor Robinson. NY: A. and C. Boni. 1932. 527 p. <alphabetize>

Robinson, Victor, M.D., editor. Encyclopaedia Sexualis, M.D. (Containing an entry on homosexuality written by Magnus Hirschfeld). Place of publication? Publisher? Place of publication?

Robinson, Victor. [Hirschfeld, Magnus. Robinson wrote H biography in 1936.

Robinson, Victor. Intro to a lesbian biography of the 1930s. Source? Lilian Faderman, Odd Girls. p. 100.

Robinson, Victor. Editor and chief of Medical Review of Reviews, Medical Life, Historia Medicae. Check these.

Robinson, Victor, Papers 1898-1946. National Library of Medicine. Series IX: Miscellaneous Articles. Box 6, Folder 24. “The riddle of the underworld,” Ralph Werther [preservation photocopy], 1921. Box 6, Folder 25: "The riddle of the underworld," Ralph Werther [includes publisher's contract; ORIGINAL FRAGILE, DO NOT USE], 1921

Rosario, Vernon A. Homosexuality and Science: A Guide to the Debates. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2002.

Rosenberg, Charles E., Janet Lynne Golden. Framing Disease: Studies in Cultural History. Place of publication: ? Francis Clark Wood Institute for the History of Medicine, year of pub? p. 22. re Lind. and Robert S. Newton.

Sell, Randolph. Ronald Sell: Encountering Earl Lind, Ralph Werther, Jennie June

Sell, Randolph. Meeting with Jonathan Ned Katz, May 2, 2010.

Talmey on pages 3-4. <What is this title?> Source accessed May 3, 2010:

Werther, Ralph. "The Biological Sport of Fairie-ism". [Report written in 1920 for Victor Robinson.] Medical Review of Reviews (Anthropos 2), (1934) 40: 185-196. Cited in Rosario "Homosexuality and Science"

Werther, Ralph. “Studies in Androgynism”. Medical Life, 27. (1920), pp. 235-46. Cited in Chauncey, Gay New York, 384. n. 25. Cited in Rosario "Homosexuality and Science"

Werther, Ralph-Jennie June. "The Fairie Boy. (An Autobiographical Sketch.") American Journal of Urology and Sexology (October 1918) 14, No. 10: 433-437.

JNK has copy. Says he graduated from a university with high honors. Says he was sentenced by a judge to serve a term in a state prison, and that at his trial witnesses had testified against him (page 436). This article is cited Rosario "Homosexuality and Science"


LEGAL INCORPORATION AND CINEMATIC REFLECTIONS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ... by DHJ Hermann - 2002 - Cited by 10 - Related articles Hardwick 1 observed, "Condemnation of these practices sodomy is firmly rooted in ..... In an article published in the Medico-Legal Journal of 1894, ...

The Medico-legal journal - Google Books Result 1896 - Medical jurisprudence HAVEU)CK ELLIS, HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENT MEDICO- LEGAL CONGRESS, NY ; HONORARY FELLOW OF THE CHICAGO ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. The average man regards all ...

Full text of "The Medico-legal journal" NEW YORK: MEDICO-LEGAL JOURNAL 1899. i Digitized by VjOOQIC the follomng>re tlie...... In the laws of the Visigoths, it was inflicted for sodomy. ...

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