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Art Inspired by LGBTQ and Heterosexaul History is soliciting from selected artists and considering proposals from artists for a series of online art works inspired by LGBTQH history, to be included on the site. Please add your suggestions in the Discuss section of this entry or email:

PROTECTED ENTRY: This entry by a named creator or site administrator can be changed only by that creator and site administrators, so they are responsible for its accuracy, coverage, evidence, and clarity. Please do use this entry's Comment section at the bottom of the page to suggest improvements. Thanks.

Art About History On

Edward Field: MyFace, 2008

Bibliography in Construction: Art About LGBTQH History

Duberman, Martin. "Posing Naked." Play inspired by the scandal involving literary critic Newton Arvin in 1960. in Duberman, Radical Acts: Collected Political Plays (NY: New York, 2008), pp. 133-206.

Holsaert, Faith. "Chosen Girl." Short story. The intimacy, in 1950s Greenwich Village, of two women, one white, one African American, seen through the eyes of the white woman's observant daughter.

Katz, Jonathan Ned. "Comrades and Lovers." Play about the relationship, in the mid-nineteenth century, between American Walt Whitman and Englishman John Addington Symonds, based on letters, diaries, and poems.