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by: Jeff Auer

Ah Men Shop for Men was a Gay Clothing Store and line based out of West Hollywood that existed from 1962 through the 1980's. The founders of the company Don Cook and his partner Jerry Furlow. Furlow died in 1964 and continued running the company until its closing in the early 1980s. Don was the founder of the famous Numbers restaurant at 8029 W Sunset Blvd in 1976 until he sold it in 1985. The main clothing store for the line was located at 8933 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA starting in 1962. In 1972 the store moved to a larger location at 8900 Santa Monica Blvd. There were also satellite stores in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles and Houston, Texas. It was primarily marketed through its catalogs, which were very popular with gay men.

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