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Editor’s Acknowledgments

This exhibit would not be possible without the support of many individuals and organizations. In particular, we wish to thank CLAGS and the Arcus Foundation for providing the web space for the site to exist. Kudos to Jonathan Ned Katz for having a vision and seeing it though, and to Sarah E. Chinn, Executive Director of CLAGS, for the institutional support needed. Lynley Wheaton and James Arnett were instrumental in this endeavor and should likewise be congratulated for a job well done.

Thanks to HIC’s officers, Billy Glover and Jim Schneider, for providing the materials that provided the base of this online exhibition. HIC’s volunteers have also been of great assistance. Thanks to Sandi Meza, “Kitt” DiFatta, Megan Geier, David Reinhard, Layla Arnold, Erik Nieto, and John Richards for their work on the Blanche M. Baker database. Aristide Laurent, Jeanne Barney, Toby Grace, Wayne Dynes, Karen Ocamb, Susan Howe, Stephen Allison, Tony Sanchez, and Ron Tate have provided encouragement and suport and have been long-term friends of this organization. Gratitude as well to A. J. Blythe and Andrew Madigan, who are wise to the mysterious ways of wiki.

The HIC archives and materials are in the professional care of Tony Gardner, Curator of Special Collections at Oviatt Library, CSUN, and this never would have happened without the trust, friendship, and support of Susan Curzon, Dean of the Library, and Cindy Ventuleth, Director of Development.

The research involved would not have been possible without the ongoing generous support of ISHR, the Institute for the Study of Human Resources. Thanks especially to Walter L. Williams, Reid Rasmussen, and Jerry Brown for their moral and financial support in times of need.

HIC’s friends and colleagues in the Los Angeles movement should also be noted: Mark Thompson, Rev. Malcolm Boyd, Rev. Florine Fleischman, Rev. Troy Perry, and Michael Kearns have all inspired and encouraged this endeavor. Thanks as well to the directors and member of BALA, the Business Alliance of Los Angeles, for their good work in making sure the surviving elders of this movement were honored and remembered. Gratitude is due to Bill LaPointe, Thomas Soule, and Frank Morales for giving HIC a voice when it seemed no one was listening.

The University of Southern California has often been involved in this history of this movement, and it is with great pride that I thank Andre Simic, G. Alexander Moore, Nancy Lutkehaus, Walter Williams, Jeanne Jackson, Janet Hoskins, Craig Stanford, Amy Parish, Gary Seaman, Amy Richlin, Michael Messner, Rita Jones, and the members of the Lambda Alumni Association for their ongoing support and encouragement in continuing this study and for launching me in this direction. Without such strong institutional support and safe haven to explore controversial topics, studies such as this would not be possible. Their courage and unquestioning support of LGBT scholarship should be appreciated and applauded.

This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of many fine activists and historians. Among those who have been directly involved in the history of ONE and the HIC and survive in our memory are Don Slater, Vern Bullough, Reed Erickson, Joseph Hansen, Dale Jennings, Barbara Gittings, Charles Lucas, Jack Nichols, Yolanda Retter, Morris Kight, Chuck Rowland, Hal Call, Joan Corbin, Irma Wolf, and Ernie Potvin. You are missed but not forgotten.

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Text by C. Todd White. Copyright (©) by C. Todd White, 2008. All rights reserved.
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