A. D. Coleman: "heterosexual interactions between kids", June 18, 1972

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The term ""heterosexual interactions between kids" is first used in The New York Times on June 18, 1972, in an essay by A. D. Coleman, on "Photography" asking "Can't the Galleries Show More Imagination?"

the group show, "Masculine and Feminine," is safest of all because everyone except Donna-Lee Phillips and Lee Romero chose to interpret the theme literally, givins us more unerotic nudes, both male and female, heterosexual interactions between kids (how sweet) and homosexual / lesbian / transvestite interactions between consenting adults.[1]


  1. A. D. Coleman, "Photography: Can't the Galleries Show More Imagination," New York Times, Arts and Leisure Section, page D31, June 18, 1972. In a search of The Times database for the term "female heterosexual", this quotation mistakenly shows up. For the actual first use of the term "female heterosexual" see ? ? ? ? ?.

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