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May 2, 1999

HIV/AIDS Outreach and Prevention Education (HOPE), formed by community members and graduate students, hopes to spread awareness through education to Bloomington segments deemed high risk for contracting HIV.

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June 13, 1999

Interesting study conducted regarding liberalizing trends at Midwest Universities. Included are statistics about IU students’ opinions regarding the GLBT community, and how they’ve changed dramatically between 95 and 98.

Leonard, Mike. “Conservative Study Shows College Seniors more Liberal.” Herald Times, June 13, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/06/13/column.990613_C1_TAP23703.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

June 27, 1999

HIV information about Monroe County, and the rest of Indiana. Various groups, should as planned parenthood, offer insight as to what they are doing to increase support and awareness. Hinnefeld, Steve. “HIV Touching Lives in all Corners of State.” Herald Times, June 27, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/06/27/news.990627_A1_JFM09214.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

July 19, 1999

Many Bloomington residents have begun writing Indiana Senators to support federal hate crime legislation following the shooting of a Korean student July 4. The incident has sparked a great deal of fear amongst minorities, including the homosexual population.

Eskovitz, Joel. “Letters Seek Support for New Hate-Crime Act.” Herald Times, July 19, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/07/19/news.990719_A1_RSZ37026.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

July 25, 1999

Original Bloomington Playwrights Project, with its original local cast, will have a run in Chicago after great success in Bloomington. The play is a comedy about a gay man coming out.

Henderson, Michelle. “Bloomington Play Gets a Run in Chicago.” Herald Times, July 25, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/07/25/scene.990725_D4_JJP15607.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

August 13, 1999

The newly formed, Bloomington-based gay rights group “Pride at Work” offers an update as to its progression. The group is currently defending a Bloomington resident fired from his employment due to his sexual orientation.

Hinnefeld, Steve. “Pride at Work Tries to Combat Discrimination.” Herald Times, August 13, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/08/13/news.990813_C1_JLR72173.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

August 13, 1999

An IU Student, Kate Norris, hopes to raise awareness after an incident that occurred outside of a nightclub. Two men originally targeted her believing she was a lesbian, but things escalated after they found out she was transsexual. Holmes, Stephanie. “Survivor Says Assault was a Hate Crime.” Herald Times, August 13, 1999.

http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/08/13/news.990813_C1_JLR72174.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

August 15, 1999

Gay rights group ‘Pride At Work’ stages a protest at the local Sunoco where resident Bil Browning claimed he was fired as a manager due to his sexual orientation. Two other gay employees at Sunoco resigned over the incident.

Horn, David. “Rights Group Protests Firing of Gay Man.” Herald Times, August 15, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/08/15/news.990815_C1_PM000942.sto (accessed 12/1/09)

August 27, 1999

IU begins tackling diversity issue by incorporating a vice chancellor in charge of diversity efforts on IU’s campus. They hope the movement will attract more diverse students and faculty members.

Wright, Mike. “Officials Working to Increase Diversity, Improve Climate at IU.” Herald Times, August 27, 1999. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1999/08/27/news.990827_A1_JPS05494.sto (accessed 12/1/09)