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January 19th, 1995

The Indiana Daily Student carries as article citing different researchers and psychologist saying feminine boys are likely to grow up to be homosexual.

Ritter, Malcolm. “Psychologist: Feminine Boys Likely to Grow Up Homosexual.” Indiana Daily Student, January, 19, 1995.

January 25th, 1995

A workshop was held in McNutt to help increase communication between the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual communities. About 20 students and faculty members attended.

Saul, Melanie. “GLB workshop Tries to Foster Awareness.” Indiana Daily Student, January 31, 1995.

February 6th, 1995

The Indiana Daily Student carries a story about Doug Bauder, the coordinator of the IU Office of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Support Services in their The People Behind IU series.

Whirty, Ryan. “Bauder Discusses Role of GLB Coordinator.” Indiana Daily Student, February 6, 1995.

February 7th, 1995

John H.J. Bancroff accepts the director position at the Kinsey Institute and wants to open two new clinics.

Rowland, Maruke. “Brancroff Accepts Director Position at Kinsey Instittue.” Indiana Daily Student, February 7, 1995.

February 20th, 1995

The Office of Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Student Support Services’ advisory board held its first meeting that was mostly organizational.

Binnack, Anne. “GLB Board Holds First Meeting.” Indiana Daily Student, March 3, 1995.

February 23rd, 1995

Bloomington doesn’t expect any backlash or problems if the Supreme Court upholds a Colorado anti-gay amendment.

Diamond, Laura and Pearlman, Russell. “Anti-Gay Law Unlikely to Affect Bloomington. Indiana Daily Student, February 23, 1995.

April 10th, 1995

Bruce small will teach the new course U212: Multicultural Populations: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Students through the school of education in the fall.

Killmer, Emily. “IU Creates GLB Class. Indiana Daily Student, April 10, 1995.

April 17th, 1995

The gay rights group Justice Inc. in Indianapolis has asked that Ruth G. Benavente be removed from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission for her anti-gay rights comments made on January 27, 1995.

The Associated Press. “Gay Group Wants Civil Rights Commission to Dismiss Member. Indiana Daily Student, April 17, 1995.