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February 17th, 1992

OUT’s president Joseph Grissom gives goals of including more women and minorities in the group, and says that he hopes the group will push IU to use stronger language against sexual orientation discrimination in its Student Code of Ethics.

Terry Klassen, “IU Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Build Awareness with OUT,” Herald-Times, February 13, 1992.

Christine Birkel. “Advocate Seeking Changes.” Indiana Daily Student, February 17, 1992.

February, 1992

Beck Chapel changes its policy on same sex ceremonies, allowing them to be performed, and performs its first same sex ceremony.

Carty, Susan “Indiana University Educational Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns Final Report.” March, 1992.

February, 1992

In response to residents who are uncomfortable or have questions about a gay student living on their floor in then-named dorm Foster-Martin, a resident discussion is organized to address their concerns. Organized by Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Anti-Harassment Team.

Craig J. Juszak, “Dorm Residents Discuss Homosexuality,” Indiana Daily Student, February 26, 1992.

April 3rd, 1992

The Human Subjects Office of Research and the University Undergraduate School approved funding for a survey to research the experiences of gay, lesbian, and bisexual students, and 2,000 copies were distributed.

Carty, Susan A, ed. Indiana University Educational Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns Final Report. March, 1993.

April 8th, 1992

O’Reilly reports that gay and lesbian individuals spoke to 30 people about discrimination towards their community.

Anne O’Reilly, “Homosexual Panel Describes Prejudice,” Indiana Daily Student, April 8, 1992.

April 21st, 1992

Vicker writes that a support group for gay teens has been formed, but includes sparse concrete information about the group, out of respect for its “exclusive” nature, and presumably for the privacy and safety of group members, but supplies a hotline where more information can be gathered. It is reported that the group has thirteen members.

Kathy Vicker, “Support Group for Gay Teens Formed,” Herald-Times, April 21, 1992.

April 21st, 1992

Vicker follows her article on the support group for gay teens with an article formed mostly of quotes from high school students on their feelings towards the group. The article seems to include an balanced mix of opinions.

Kathy Vicker, “Students Have Mixed Opinions on Group,” Herald-Times, April 21, 1992.

October, 1992

Bloomington Faculty Council considers adding sexual orientation to their discrimination policy.

Lisa Arroyo, “BFC Considers Orientation Clause,” Indiana Daily Student, October 7, 1992.

October, 1992

IU’s Act OUT group stages a “Kiss-In” in front of Ballantine Hall, during which gay men kiss each other and many onlookers quoted for the article describe feelings of shock and disgust. It is reported that crowd members shouted hate speech such as, “You’re all going to die of AIDS, anyway!” The article also includes shinning quotes like, “I think it’s pretty retarded myself.” Police asked members to disperse at each “interlude” to lessen their chances of becoming victims of hate crimes.

David Thompson, “Campus ‘Kiss-In’ Draws a Reaction,” Herald-Times, October 13, 1992.

October, 1992

In October of 1992, 1,000 more copies of the survey taken in April were distributed.

Carty, Susan A. “Indiana University Educational Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns Final Report.” Indiana Daily Student, March, 1993.

November, 1992

Keynote speaker Linda Williams of IU’s 4th annual Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Pride Week speaks about her experience coming out.

Thomas, Rochelle Denise. “Editor Discusses ‘Coming Out,’” Indiana Daily Student, November 10, 1992.

November, 1992

U.S. Army captain Tanya Domi speaks at a Pride Week rally.

Collins, N. Brock. “Captain Challenges Military’s Ban on Homosexuals.” Indiana Daily Student, November 12, 1992.

December, 1992

OUT awaits the IU Board of Trustees’ decision on revising the affirmative action policy to include sexual orientation.

Khalil, Ashraf. “Make It, Break It, OUT Waits for Trustee’s Decision,” Indiana Daily Student, December 4, 1992.

December, 1992

IU’s Board of Trustees returns a unanimous decision approving the new equal opportunity policy, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Ashraf Khalil. “Trustees OK Equal Opportunity Policy,” Indiana Daily Student, December 5, 1992.