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January, 1991

IU-Bloomington and IU-Southeast's student governments want IU to sever all ties with the ROTC if they continue to ban homosexuals students from participating, while all the other branch campus are ignoring the issue.

Judge, Jay. “IU Branches Ignore ROTC Issue.” Indiana Daily Student, January 11, 1991.

January, 1991

Calvin T. Harris, an IU graduate, asks faculty to vote against banning the ROTC because the Army needs educated men and women to become officers.

Harris, Calvin T. “Discrimination Not an Issue.” Indiana Daily Student, January 14, 1991.

January 21st, 1991

An editorial was written to ask for the ROTC issue not to be forgotten amongst conversations of the new war because it is morally wrong to discriminate and it is against IU's sexual orientation clause.

Frykberg, Randall. “Keep Up the Fight: ROTC Injustice Issue Must Be Kept Alive.” Indiana Daily Student, January 21, 1991.

January 23rd, 1991

Professor of Sociology Martin Weinberg writes to correct an article stating he opposed the ROTC ban and to say that he co-wrote a book titled "Homosexuals and the Military" claiming the ban on homosexuals is based on unproven stereotypes and that homosexuals serve with honor.

Weinberg, Martin S. “In Favor of the ROTC Ban. Indiana Daily Student, January 23, 1991.

February 4th, 1991

Bullwinkle’s held an AIDS benefit with an auction and a female impersonator completion with the proceeds going to the Bloomington AIDS Task Force, a fund created by Bullwinkle’s.

Shapiro, Daniel M. “Bullwinkle’s AIDS Benefit to Feature Goods Auction. Indiana Daily Student, February 4, 1991.

March 1st, 1991

The IUS faculty senate voted 22-12 with one abstention to remove the ROTC by 1995 and the IU-Bloomington faculty council is expected to vote the following week.

Judge, Jay. “IU Faculty Vote to Ban ROTC.” Indiana Daily Student, March 1, 1991.

March 7th, 1991

Gay Author Brian McNaught gave a speech to 200 people about his experiences growing up in a homophobic society.

Milenky, Elissa. “Author Dispels Myths of Homophobia. Indiana daily Student, March, 7, 1991.

March 7th, 1991

The Bloomington faculty Council voted to remove the ROTC program from IU by the 1998-99 school year if the Pentagon doesn’t change its ban on homosexuals in the military.

Frykberg, Randall. 1991. ROTC and reality. Indiana Daily Student, March 7, 1991.

March 7th, 1991

Comedian Sandra Bernhard, an openly bi-sexual woman, preformed at the IU auditorium and included her “sexual ambiguity” in her act.

Shapiro, Daniel M. “Bernhard One-of-a-Kind.” Indiana daily Student, March 7, 1991.

April 2nd, 1991

A vigil was sponsored by OUT and IUSA to increase awareness of hate crimes against homosexuals and other minority groups.

Moore, Russell. “Vigil Against Hate Crimes Kicks Off Week.” Indiana Daily Student, April 2, 1991.

April 11th, 1991

The IU student foundation and OUT held a petition drive to protest the ROTC’s discriminatory policy against homosexuals.

Forbes, Allison. “Petition Drive Attacks ROTC Policy.” Indiana Daily Student, April 11, 1991.

April 29th, 1991

Many homosexuals in Indiana are harassed at work and fear losing their jobs because there is no federal or state law to protect them like other minority groups.

Herr, Nancy. “Homosexuals Fight Harassment at Work.” Indiana Daily Student, April 29, 1991.

May 4th, 1991

The IU Board of Trustees voted to keep the ROTC on IU’s campus because of the scholarships and educational benefits it brings with it, but ask that the U.S. Department of Defense’s policy barring homosexuals be examined further.

Judge, Jay. “ROTC to Stay Despite IUSA Opposition. Indiana Daily Student, May 4, 1991.

July 1st, 1991

Bloomington held its first Gay Pride celebration in the Trinity Episcopal Church with 120 people gathered on the 22nd anniversary of Stonewall.

May, Lauren. “‘Pride’ Celebrates Gay Rights Struggle. Indiana Daily Student, July 1, 1991.

August 28th, 1991

Professor of Psychology at Ball State University research on college students’ attitudes of AIDS victims indicates a link between anti-gay prejudice and the AIDS stigma.

The Associated Press. “Homosexuality Biases Linked to AIDS Stigma. Indiana Daily Student, August 28, 1991.

September 2nd, 1991

A new study by neurologist Simon LeVay found size differences in the hypothalamus of heterosexual and homosexual men’s brains and the gay community is worried about being labeled “deformed” but hopes that it will also prove that homosexuality isn’t a mental illness.

The Editorial Board. “A study in Tolerance.” Indiana Daily Student, September 2, 1991.

September 5th, 1991

OUT, IU’s Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual People’s Union will hold its first meeting of the year and introduce a new program called “Coming Out? A support group for men in the process,” with coordinator Pastor Charles Caskey of the Trinity Episcopal Church.

Indiana Daily Student. “OUT to Hold Meeting.” September 5, 1991.

October 11th, 1991

OUT hopes to reach more people in the new school year by holding biweeking meetings instead of weekly meetings and by holding a special event for Nation Coming Out Day.

Jewell, Anthony. “OUT Plans to Increase Programs, Offer Support Group. Indiana Daily Student, September 6, 1991.

September 10th, 1991

Announcement that Outreach, a lesbian support group, will hold its first meeting in Memorial Hall and will meet every Tuesday.

Indiana Daily Student, “Lesbian Group to Meet,” September 10, 1991.

September 13th, 1991

Openly gay Rev. Scott Alexander will visit Bloomington’s Unitarian Universalist Church for a workshop on accepting human differences with special emphasis on sexual orientation.

Dixon, Kristina. “Church Sponsors Gay-Acceptance Workshop. Indiana Daily Student, September 13, 1991.

September 26th, 1991

An editorial was written asking the IU Board of Trustees to reconsider their position to let the ROTC remain on campus even though they discriminate against homosexuals.

The Editorial Board. “A Time for Morality.” Indiana Daily Student, September 26, 1991.

September 30th, 1991

Rev. Charles Caskey, the leader of the gay men’s support group “Coming Out?” is also teaching residence assistants to help deal with the issues gay, lesbian, and bisexual students might face.

Strawder, Jill. “Priest Forms Gay/Bisexual Support Group.” Indiana Daily Student, September 30, 1991.

October 11th, 1991

OUT celebrates National Coming Out Day at Collins Center Cheshire Café with discussion and entertainment provided by the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community.

Jewell, Anthony. “OUT Encourages Gays to Come Out Today. Indiana Daily Student, October 11, 1991.

October 17th, 1991

An editorial was written about how homophobia comes out of fear and that straight individuals need to support non-heterosexual friends and family.

The Editorial Board. “Closer Than You Know” Indiana Daily Student, October 17, 1991.

November 8th, 1991

A rally will be held at Showalter Fountain to protest the Department of Defense’s ban on homosexuals to kick off Gay Pride week.

Jewell, Anthony. “Gay Pride Week Opens.” Indiana Daily Student, November 8, 1991.

Novermber 12th, 1991

“Isabella” or Saim won the 2nd annual IU gay Pride pageant that was sponsored by the IUSA and Drag Out, a splinter group of OUT in honor of Gay Pride week.

Friedman, Susan. “Drag Queen Doubles as Science Student.” Indiana Daily Student, November 12, 1991.

December 13th, 1991

Wabash College has denied the recently formed group ‘shOUT, a gay, lesbian, and bisexual group, official recognition even though it is one of the largest groups on campus with 38 members.

The Editorial Board. “Homophobic Campus.” Indiana Daily Student, December 13, 1991.