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January 18th, 1990

Funds are trying to be made to allow a portion of the AIDS quilt to be put on display at the IU Art Center. Costs will be approximately 4200 for shipping/handling of about 250 panels of the quilt. The display would be February 15-18.

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February 15th, 1990

The Names Project, started by Cleve Jones of San Francisco in 1987, will make it’s way to Bloomington. The quilt is comprised of 12,000 panels with the names of AIDS victims around the world; 248 of which panels will be brought for display in Bloomington.

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February 20th, 1990

A couple members of Sigma Chi fraternity yelled obscenities towards marchers who were holding a candlelight vigil before the opening of the Names Project Quilt Exhibition. The fraternity dealt an extensive apology afterwards to the gay community; but gay rights groups and administrators believe there needs to be more education on homosexuality to prevent these types of outbursts.

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March 3rd, 1990

A lot of profane racial and homophobic graffiti was found all around campus; including the Herman Wells statue and Dean Gordon’s office. “Kill Queers,” “Kill Gays,” “Kill Nigger-Gays,” were amongst those referring to homosexuals.

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March 28, 1990

IU professors, administrators debate over a uniform student code. A big change to it includes an anti-discrimination policy of homosexuals.

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April 3rd, 1990

The Gay-Lesbian Switchboard volunteers are named Bloomington’s volunteer group of the year. During the year, 7 volunteers worked a total of 800 hours and answered over 2,000 calls.

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May 5th, 1990

In light of a new IU student codes which prohibits discrimination against homosexuals, IU leaders are following suit with campuses all over the country in protest of ROTC’s exclusion of gays; and asserting they should be kicked off campus.

Klassen, Teri. “IU Student Leaders Protest ROTC's Exclusion of Gays.” Herald Times, May 5, 1990. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1990/05/05/archive.19900505.4920170.sto. (accessed 9/16/09).

June 15th, 1990

The pastor of Life Church, Tyson, started a church protest of adult stores in Bloomington. They also accuse homosexuals as being one in the same with the porn stores. He admits the anti-porn campaign has anti-homosexual overtones.

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June 28th, 1990

The OUT group in Bloomington holds a public meeting about recently released statistics involving gay-bashing. The Dean of IU said 4 of the cases in the new statistics were sent in by her.

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July 18th, 1990

Quaker leaders from around the country met for a conference in Bloomington. They visited IU campus, and debated the church’s stance on marriage, homosexuals, etc.

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August 6th, 1990

The Girls Club in Bloomington was selected as a test site by it’s parent company because Bloomington was thought to have a high population of drug users, as well as gays and lesbians. AIDS awareness was to be taught to a variety of young girls at different age levels.

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September 7th, 1990

Barbara McKinney, Director of Bloomington Human Rights Commission, was called upon to help a male exotic dancer after he was harassed. She goes more into an ordinance protecting gays/lesbians from harassment.

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September 20th, 1990

A student request to ban ROTC from Indiana University by 1995 if ROTC continues to prohibit homosexuals from enlisting will be presented to IU trustees when they meet Friday and Saturday in Bloomington.

Klassen, Teri. “Students Want ROTC Banned.” Herald Times, September 20, 1990. http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/1990/09/20/archive.19900920.8801380.sto. (accessed 9/24/09).

October 6th, 1990

Pressures and angers rising from IU students demanding ROTC be banned from campus. Administrators discuss possibilities; say the problem lies with the national law, not with the ROTC.

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