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February 3rd, 1988

Student intern interviews college students on AIDS knowledge and many believe that if is a “gay disease” and it can’t happen to them

Mccleary, Kristen. "College Students Interviewed on AIDS Knowledge." National College Newspaper, February 3, 1988.

March 1st, 1988

In an effort to gain insight on students, Kinsey Institute launches “IU express” sex survey.

Rauer, Beth. "Kinsey Institute Launches IU Express Survey." Indiana Daily Student, March 1, 1988.

March 22nd, 1988

Head of Kinsey Institute predicts that there might be an AIDS vaccine within the next ten years.

Associated Press. "Head of Kinsey Institute Predicts AIDS Vaccine in Ten Years." Indiana Daily Student, March 22, 1988.

June 8th, 1988

AIDS epidemic makes America’s homosexual community more vulnerable to attack according to a study supporting anti-gay violence.

Mills, Kim I. "Homosexuals More at Risk for Attack Due to Rising AIDS Epidemic." Indiana Daily Student, June 8, 1988.

September 2nd, 1988

Marriage of two lesbian individuals at a Quaker congregation in Indianapolis sparks controversy.

Mills, Kim I. "Gay Marriage in Quaker Congregation Sparks Controversy." Indiana Daily Student, September 2, 1988.

September 21st, 1988

IU Health Center organizes HIV support group for people who have been tested positive for HIV.

Indiana Daily Student, "HIV Support Group Organized on IU Campus," September 21, 1988.

October 15th, 1988

AIDS awareness week takes place in order to educate IU students about AIDS and other STDs .

Bakos, Dana. "AIDS Awareness Week on IU Campus." Indiana Daily Student, October 15, 1988.

Oct. 17th, 1988

Congress passes equal rights bill that permits discrimination against gays at religiously affiliated schools and any individual or group who supports them.

Torry, Saundra. "Congress Passes Equal Rights Bill That Permits Discrimination Against Homosexuals." Indiana Daily Student, October 17, 1988.