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January 30th, 1987

IDS puts out an article informing people about the AIDS virus and states that gays and drug users are at high risk for infection.

Estill, Jerry. 1987. “AIDS Education.” Indiana Daily Student, January 30, 1987.

February 4th, 1987

The first issue of the open door, a gay and lesbian news paper is published.

Richey, Kevin. “Greetings from Bloomington Indiana and The Open Door.” The Open Door, February 4, 1987.

February 4th, 1987

Bloomington Herald-telephone made a wish list for supplies needed for nonprofit groups. The Gay and Lesbian switchboard requested several items related to their phone system and there was controversy that they were on this wish list.

Dorn, Martin. 1987. “ ‘Wish List’ sparks controversy.” The Open Door, February 4, 1987.

February 4th, 1987

The challenge Bigotry campaign is announced. The Campaign planned to use mass media to challenge attitudes of bigotry. The committee planned local events for Bloomington such as picnic, shows, speakers and media support. Local events were helped organized by the Gay/Lesbian switchboard.

Richey, Kevin. “Challenge Bigotry.” The Open Door, February 4, 1987.

February 17th, 1987

Dr. Michael Aronoff, chairman of the Indiana staff health AIDS advisory committee gives a lecture in Jordan Hall and gives the latest statistics. He said while we previously thought of HIV as a homosexual disease it is becoming more propionate in heterosexuals and we expect it to exponentially increase.

Smith, Kimberly. “Local AIDS Discovery.” Indiana Daily Student, February 17, 1987.

February 19th, 1987

IDS announces that the student health center is being considered for AIDS testing site.

Newman, David. “HIV testing at IU health Center.” Indiana Daily Student, February 19, 1987.

February, 1987

“Kamp Out,” a group of female impersonators was presented to a crowd at Bullwinkles as part of the Challenge Bigotry Campaign.

Richey, Kevin. 1987. “Kamp Out”. The Open Door, February 23, 1987.

March, 1987

Lesbian women in History seminar is held at the Indiana Memorial Union for Women’s History Month.

Eisdorfer, Marc. “To Be or Not to be…a Feminist.” The Open Door, March 31, 1987.

April, 1987

Monroe county offices find discourse among themselves when deciding if they want to use money to implement AIDS testing in the community.

Fischer, Leonard. “Federal Money For HIV Test.” Indiana Daily Student, April 23, 1987.

May 8th, 1987

IDS puts out a article to spread awareness of homosexuality in Bloomington. It also talks about AIDS and the prejudices that have grown from it.

Kagda, Shoeb. 1987. “Homosexuals Battle Bigotry.” Indiana Daily Student, May 8, 1987.

June 3rd, 1987

IU announces that it is going to hold a summer school workshop about AIDS and other STDs. It will be thought by William Yarber, professor of applied health science.

Lambeth, Domma. “Summer Course on AIDS Offers Answers to Student’s Questions.” Indiana Daily Student, June 3, 1987.

August 3rd, 1987

Kinsey institute announces a new book called masculinity/femininity basic perspective and it will also strongly deal with issues of Homosexuality.

Mills, Kathleen. “New Book to Focus on Male and Female Roles.” Indiana Daily Student, August 3,1987.

August 14th, 1987

The IU student Association is trying to implement more safe sex education in response to AIDS outbreak.

Smith, Andrea. “IUSA’s Report to Ehrlich Include AIDS, Off Campus, Woman’s Issues.” Indiana Daily Student, August 14, 1987.

September, 1987

IU’s health center started a support group for those who have HIV and for those who think that they may have been exposed to the virus.

Fiemeyer, Isabelle. “IU Health Center to Begin AIDS Victim Support Group.” Indiana Daily Student, September 29, 1987.

October, 1987

IDS Announces that over 100 experts will be at IU December 5-8 to collaborate research on AIDS.

Gordan, Kim. “IU Set as Future Site for AIDS Conference.” Indiana Daily Student, October 16, 1987.

October 31st, 1987

IDS published an informative article about the similarities and differences between homosexual and heterosexual relationships.

Pockrass, Bob. “Gays and Heterosexuals Share Problems.” Indiana Daily Student, October 31, 1987.

December, 1987

The Conference “AIDS and Sex: An integrated biomedical and biobehavioral Approach” goes into full swing with over 100 experts from different fields such as historians, psychologist and other specialist. They looked at studying AIDS as more than just a medical issue but a social issue and how that is part of the problem at hand.

Gordan, Kim. “Cooperation Needed on AIDS Experts Say.” Indiana Daily Student, December 7, 1987.