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January 18th, 1986

IDS documents the AIDS hysteria and the AIDS-induced panic syndrome.

Watson, Anne. “AIDS Panic Exaggerates Disease’s Danger to Public.” Indiana Daily Student, January 18, 1986.

Jan 21st, 1986

IU president has chosen 13 committee members to deal with the disease on campus and establish IU’s actions if AIDS develops in the university. Refers to AIDS as “a disease primarily affecting homosexual men and intravenous drug users, attacks the body’s immune system and leaves its victims susceptible to infections.”

Essig, Trisha. “Committee to Set Up AIDS Guidelines.” Indiana Daily Student, January 21, 1986.

Jan 23rd, 1986

Michael E. Jones of Gay-Lesbian Rights Task Force of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union responds to the proposal of tracing the sexual history of those with AIDS.

The Associated Press. “AIDS sexual partners not traced.” Indiana Daily Student, January 23, 1986.

Jan 24th, 1986

Gay men stigmatized in an article about AIDS: “Although only one case of Acquired Immune def syndrome has been researched in Bloomington, the community contains a fairly large homosexual population – the group at highest risk of contracting the disease.”

Brown, Liz. “AIDS Task Force Proposed.” Indiana Daily Student, January 24, 1986.

Feb 25th, 1986

June Reinisch, director of Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, informed people on “Good Morning America” about details of human sexuality.” Reinisch discussed the institute’s plans to survey individuals that Alfred Kinsey interviewed about their sexual practices almost 40 years ago.

Binole, Gina. “Kinsey Researcher on ABC Program.” Indiana Daily Student, February 25, 1986.

March 4th, 1986

A panel discussion is sponsored by the Student Health Service and Wright Quad at IU to discuss similarities among people with differing sexual lifestyles, open to people of all sexualities. It was meant to show a common ground that people share regardless of their sexual orientation.

Indiana Daily Student, “Panel to Discuss Sexual Preferences,” March 4, 1986.

March 14th, 1986

Bloomington Gay/Lesbian Alliance sponsors “Coming Out – Feelings and Experiences of Gay People Who Have,” a discussion program aimed to encourage homosexuals to come out of the closet.

Panarisis, Brigette. “Program Urges Gays to ‘Come Out’.” Indiana Daily Student, March 14,1986.

March 28th, 1986

Local AIDS task force created when county health officials met with the president of the Bloomington Gay/Lesbian Alliance. Task force will provide counseling and support for AIDS victims and potential victims and consist of professional people and members of the gay community.

Indiana Daily Student, “Gay Alliance, County Discuss Panel on AIDS,” March 28, 1986.

April 1st, 1986

IDS reports that Supreme Court urges to extend constitutional protection for the first time to private homosexual acts between consenting adults.

“Supreme Court Urged to Protect Homosexual Acts.” Indiana Daily Student, April 1, 1986.

May 23rd, 1986

Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction sponsors “Homosexuality/Heterosexuality: The Kinsey Scale and Current Research,” a symposium conducted on the IU campus to bring together scientists of various specialties to discuss the merits of the Kinsey scale for sexual behavior.

Tellis, Lisa. “Kinsey Institute Sponsors Forum to Discuss Merits of Sexual Behavior Scale.” Indiana Daily Student, May 23, 1986.

May 30th, 1986 IDS presents a story of a town’s acceptance of gay couple’s relationship in Corydon, IN.

Tighe, John C. “Gay Couple Gets Welcome in Town.” Indiana Daily Student, May 30, 1986.

June 2nd, 1986

IU hosts the National Women’s Music Festival about the apparent invisibility of women in history. Lesbian Sheri Erwin comments on the music festival saying she came to the festival because of the bonds that develop among participants and because it gave her the freedom to be herself.

Tellis, Lisa. “Festival Fosters Freedom, Strengthens Gay Women.” Indiana Daily Student, June 2, 1986.

July 2nd, 1986

IDS reports that after the annual pride and freedom parades, the Supreme Court upheld a Georgia law prohibiting sodomy even if performed in private by consenting adults. The 5-4 decision was viewed as especially significant to gay organizations.

Dulan, Julie. “High Court Upholds Georgia Sodomy Law.” Indiana Daily Student, July 2, 1986.

July 27th, 1986

Feminist family bookstore Dreams and Swords opens in hopes to educate against sexism.

Bender, Dave. “Feminist Bookstore Opens.” Indiana Daily Student, July 27, 1986.

July 28th, 1986

IDS reports individuals having been less likely to participate in sex research because of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding laws against sodomy. Gays and lesbians are said to be reluctant to agree to interviews.

Amato, Ivan. “Sodomy Ruling Hampers Work of Sex Researchers.” Indiana Daily Student, July 28, 1986.

September 9th, 1986

IU hosts “Real Sex Differences,” a free lecture by Dr. June Reinisch, 5th director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, presented in the IU Auditorium.

“Kinsey Director to Speak Tonight.” Indiana Daily Student, September 9, 1986.

September 19th, 1986

IDS publishes positive opinion piece on Dr. June Reinisch for bringing respect and increasing tolerance to a field of research that was once forced to maintain a low profile.

Diehlmann, Alan. “Good Sex.” Indiana Daily Student, September 19, 1986.

Oct 3rd, 1986

Buck Harris, gay consultant of the Ohio Board of Health, speaks at IU as part of IU’s AIDS Awareness week to help medical personnel understand the gay community and to educate gays on safe sex.

Roehling, Jennifer. “Gay Consultant Tries to Educate, Inform.” Indiana Daily Student, October 3, 1986.

Nov 7th, 1986

IU documents The National Board of Directors of the ACLU recently adopting a policy statement endorsing both gay and lesbian marriage as well as a range of economic benefits for gay and lesbian life partners.

Parent, Tawn. “Gay Marital Rights Depend on Public.” Indiana Daily Student, November 7, 1986.

Nov 7th, 1986

IDS reports IU students’ responses to legalization of homosexual marriage. Many students said that homosexual marriage should be legalized or at least recognized, although personally, they disagree with the idea.

Parent, Tawn. “Students Say Gays Have Right to Marry.” Indiana Daily Student, November 7, 1986.