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January 17th, 1984

Indiana public health officials decide to start asking blood donors if they have gotten recent piercing or tattoos, and whether or not they are homosexuals. Dr. Ellis of Bloomington Hospital believed that blood recipients were at a very low risk of acquiring AIDS from transfusions.

Taylor, Wendy. “Blood Bank Officials Don’t Worry About AIDS.” Indiana Daily Student, January 17, 1984.

March/April, 1984

Indianapolis proposes an ordinance that would restrict certain kinds of pornography such as porn that include violence. The IDS covered discussed the issue of censorship and first amendment rights.

“Porn Ordinanc Angers Civil Liberty Group”. Indiana Daily Student, April 10, 1984.

April 27th, 1984

The IDS discussed being gay in a fraternity in a short article. In 1984 there was no policy to protect people’s rights based on ‘sexual preference’ so gay fraternity members could be kicked out.

Shepard, Louisa. “Gay Men in Fraternities Cope with Unique Fears, Limits of IU Greek System”. Indiana Daily Student, April 27, 1984.

September 7th, 1984

Michael Jackson’s personal manager to deny “once and for all” that Jackson is gay. Jackson said that he wanted to deny such rumors because he wanted to be in good standing as a role model for youth. Jackson had repeatedly stated that he is forbidden as a practicing Jehovah’s Witness to engage in either homosexuality or premarital sexuality. Although the Indiana Daily Student got this article from the Los Angeles Times, it shows that this issue was considered very newsworthy and important that editors felt it necessary to put it in the paper.

McDougal, Dennis. “Michael Jackson Calls Conference to Deny All Rumors of Homosexuality.” Indiana Daily Student (Los Angeles Times), September 7, 1984.

September 11th, 1984

This Associated Press article was on the first page of the Indiana Daily Student. In San Francisco, scientists were one step closer to creating an experimental vaccine against AIDs. In the article it states that AIDS usually strikes homosexual men, intravenous drug abusers, hemophiliacs and Haitians.” Although this is written by the Associated Press, it shows that the IDS found this news important and that the staff’s views reflected those of this article.

Noffsinger, Loretta. “Doctors move toward AIDS vaccine prototype.” Indiana Daily Student (Associated Press), September 11, 1984.

September 12th, 1984

This opinion is based off of Michael Jackson’s conference in which he denied rumors of being gay. In this opinion piece, the author basically states that Michael Jackson perpetuates homophobia, while the public stereotyped Jackson in believing that he was homosexual. The public thought Jackson was homosexual because of high whispery voice, his surgically-assistance to Diana Ross and his effeminate mannerisms. The author says that by Jackson acknowledging these rumors he has perpetuated these stereotypes about homosexuals. The authors said that because we stereotype homosexuals the public reduces gay people to a caricature. In response to Jackson’s statement that he wanted to be a role model for youth, said that this further discusses how people, specifically the right, that homosexuality threatens the fiber of the family. The author argues that homosexuals are products of family and that some even produce their own families. The author believes that since Jackson is a minority he should be against stereotyping and that what he did to homosexuals does nothing to alleviate the fear of that which the public does not understand. Ultimately the authors said that stereotypes further spread the germ of homophobia.

Bausmith, Wes. “Denials of Homosexuality Belie a Bigoted Attitude of Another Kind.” Indiana Daily Student, September 12, 2009.

September 21st, 1984

Researchers at the State University of New York found evidence of a biological difference between homosexual and heterosexual men – a dissimilar response to certain hormones. It was found that the pattern of response after the hormone estrogen was injected into a group of homosexual men were “between those of heterosexual men and women,” said Dr. Brian A. Gladue, who headed the study. Although this article was taken from The Washington Post, it shows that the IDS found it significant enough to put it in the paper.

Russell, Christine. “Study Shows Biological Difference Between Sexualities.” Indiana Daily Student (The Washington Post), September 21, 2009.

October 4th, 1984

In this article professor of health educator William Yarber wanted to change how STDs were taught in sex education classes for teenagers. Although the article did not focus on homosexuality, Yarber said “The book doesn’t advocate any lifestyle other than being responsible for oneself and any partner one has.”

Carmony, Diane. “Prof Takes New Look at Teen Sex Education.” Indiana Daily Student, October 4, 1984.