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January 4th, 1983

Kinsey Institute has to defend itself from conservatives on campus that claim the Institution is a “dirty place.” The Institute stands by the fact that it is an open place for scholarly and sexuality research.

Slatalla, Michelle. “Sexology: Institue Fought Skeptics, Won Pioneer Acclaim.” Indiana Daily Student, January 4, 1983.

January 6th, 1983

The Kinsey Institute re-interviews the original 18,000 subjects used for the Kinsey Files in order to chart patterns and sexual connotations.

Slatalla, Michelle. “Roots: Institute Hopes to Interview Subjects of 40 Years Ago.” Indiana Daily Student, January 6, 1983.

January 14th, 1983

IDS staff writer Bob Caylor profiles three homosexual IU students. Caylor makes inappropriate comments including one that stated the individual did not “look gay” which spark much controversy in the GLBT community.

Caylor, Bob. “Shock of a Hidden Lifestyle.” Indiana Daily Student, January 14, 1983.

January 19th, 1983

Representative Louis Mahern attempts to establish “Right to Love Bill” to establish that states cannot discriminate because of sexual orientation. The bill was put in the “graveyard” but Mahern plans to keep fighting to secure it. Mahern’s bill causes influx of sexuality discussion on Bloomington’s campus.

Cannon, Angie. “Anti-discrimination Bill May Stay in State Closet.” Indiana Daily Student, January 19, 1983.

January 21st, 1983

IDS writer Bob Caylor attempted to redeem himself from his January 14th profile of homosexual students by interviewing a gay IU couple. Caylor makes a few stereotypical comments (ie: they have a clean home, they play classical guitar music) but at the end say he doesn’t see many straight couples in love the way they are.

Caylor, Bob. “Living Gay With No Regrets.” Indiana Daily Student, January 21, 1983.

March 2nd, 1983

The Bloomington gay community promotes a blood drive in response to the recent AIDS epidemic.

Blever, Richard. “AIDS Awareness Reaches Campus Through Blood Drive.” Indiana Daily Student, March 2, 1983.

March 28th, 1983

The first of a five part series about gay life in Bloomington. This first article highlights that Bloomington is considered the “gay mecca of the Midwest.”

Hooker, Lisa. “Gay and Proud: Homosexuals Edging out of Closet in Spite of Pressures.” Indiana Daily Student, March 28, 1983.

March 29th, 1983

The second of the five part series about gay life in Bloomington. This article highlights the outlets that gays have in Bloomington to openly express their sexuality. Some groups highlighted include an Episcopalian group called Integrity and the Bloomington Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

Hooker, Lisa. “Gay Find There are 3 Sexes: Men, Women, ‘Others.’” Indiana Daily Student, March 29, 1983.

March 30th, 1983

The third of the five part series about gay life in Bloomington. The article discusses gay IU freshmen trying to find their niche and difficulties opening up to roommates and new friends.

Hooker, Lisa. “Freshmen Struggle With Sexuality.” Indiana Daily Student, March 30, 1983.

March 31st, 1983

The fourth of a five part series about gay life in Bloomington. The article is about how IU “officially” accepts gays but gay professors are still nervous about being fully open about their sexuality.

Hooker, Lisa. “IU Accepting Gays (Officially) Hasn’t Eliminated Their Fear.” Indiana Daily Student, March 31, 1983.

April 1st, 1983

The last of a five part series about gay life in Bloomington. This article highlights gay IU students that lead double lives; open with only close friends and their mothers while nobody else knows.

Hooker, Lisa. “ ‘Just a Lesbian’ For Homosexuals, Life Outside the Closet Means Fighting Labels.” Indiana Daily Student, April 1, 1983.

June 6th, 1983

The Bloomington Women’s Festival brought a number of singers to the IU auditorium for a concert that openly highlighted many women’s issues including lesbianism.

Wesley, Ann. “Women’s Fest Blends Music, Political Views.” Indiana Daily Student, June 6, 1983.

June 24th, 1983

A panel of Bloomington area government representatives spoke with the Bloomington gay alliance about lobbying efforts for gay rights and legislation. The panel convinced the alliance that local government is an important place to start because it can inform people of the issue within the community.

Schepers, Debi. “Gay Rights Panel Calls for Lobbying.” Indiana Daily Student, June 24, 1983.

August 1st, 1983

The Indiana Board of Health does not compel doctors to get the names of sexual partners to AIDS victims. This opinion piece by gay IU student explains that this is wrong and it could help prevent spread of the disease.

Barry, Jack. “Partners of AIDS Victims Should Be Actively Sought.” Indiana Daily Student,August 1, 1983.

September 30th, 1983

Stand-up comic Kate Clinton does a concert at the IU auditorium about her outspoken lesbianism.

Bohn, Jenni. “Sexual Jokes, Abusive Views about Men are Standard Fare for Kate Clinton, ‘Fumerist.’” Indiana Daily Student, September 30, 1983.

October 25th, 1983

The direction of the Kinsey Institute, June Reinish, has been sought out to start a question and answer format column for over 50 newspapers across the United States. People will be encouraged to ask anything, including issues on sexuality and gender roles.

Brittain, Jana. “Sexual Issues to be Topic of Kinsey Report Column.” Indiana Daily Student,October 25, 1983.

November 4th, 1983

Members of the Bloomington gay alliance spoke about AIDS awareness to the community. The members of the alliance stressed that there were currently no AIDS victims in Bloomington and that scientists hope to have a cure for the disease in less than two years.

Strong, Madeline. “AIDS Sparks Local Concern and Nationwide Research.” Indiana Daily Student, November 4, 1983.

December 13th, 1983

Bloomington gays have been lulled into a false sense of safety when it comes to the AIDS epidemic merely because there are no current cases in the area. The Red Cross has started to offer blood screenings and urges to the gay community to be careful because of the severity of the disease.

Boyle, Regina. “Locally, fear of AIDS not changing habits.” Indiana Daily Student, December 13, 1983.