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February 2nd, 1982

After a gay man was suspended from a Michigan State University fraternity, IU begins to discuss their policies. The individual felt as though he had a good case against the fraternity, using MSU’s discrimination policy, to be accepted back in. The director of the Indiana University Affirmative Action said that IU had no guidelines for sexual preference. Many fraternity members told the IDS that a situation like that would never develop in Bloomington. One said they would ”follow their own rules to solve the problem,” and another said “we have total choice”.

Richmond, Kyle and Kelly Lawson. “Anti-Discrimination Rule Controversial.” Indiana Daily Student, February 10, 1982.

April, 1982

Four members from the gay community in Bloomington attended an IMU Board fireside chat. This included Dr. Noretta Koertge and Dr. Richard Young, and two students from the Lesbian-Gay-man Speakers Bureau. At this chat, they brought up some gay issues such as rights, oppression, and a need for more solidarity and acceptance within the gay community. It was also noted here that Bloomington is a very gay community.

Coleman, Marti. “Gay Seek Acceptance by Society.” Indiana Daily Student, April 19, 1982.

May 6th, 1982

The book Sexual Preferences by Alan Bell, Martin Weinberg, and Sue Hammersmith was recently published in which he collected and analyzed data from almost 1500 homosexuals. This book focused on path analysis where it looked in their childhoods. It also included more information about lesbians that most other books of its kind. This book proved that the “absent father” myth was not true with all gay men, but it also says that their evidence neither supports nor disproves the biology debate. Furthermore, the authors disproved other myths such as the belief that a person can be turned into a homosexual. Overall, the article in the IDS was a very gay friendly review.

Evans, Jonothan. “Kinsey Publication Researches Myths About Homosexuality.” Indiana Daily Student, May 6, 1982.

June 28th, 1982

20 members of the gay community in Bloomington marched in observance of National Gay Alliance Week, marking the 13th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. They marched from Showalter Foutain to the Courthourse Square while they sang and carried candles.

Buntain, Rex. “Bloomington Citizens Support Gay Alliance Week.” Indiana Daily Student, June 30, 1982.

Summer of 1982

Women’s Studies Program began a pilot grant project called “Integrating Women’s Studies into the Curriculum”. Many popular introductory courses were revised to include women into the curriculum more.

Buckley, Molly. “Women’s Studies Restructures Courses.” Indiana Daily Student, July 15, 1982.

Summer of 1982

Tom Albright began teaching a newly created course called Anthropological Perspectives of Homosexuality. This class included a cross-cultural look at homosexuality and different behaviors of people. It was not going to be offered in the fall, but Albright considered it for the future.

Walker, Allison. “Homosexuality Studied in Anthropology Class.” Indiana Daily Student. July 30, 1982.

September, 1982

IU ranked second in a Playboy survey for sexual shenanigans. This exclusively covered straight sex, and mostly of the party variety.

Cannon, Angle. “IU Rates Second in Playboy Survey.” Indiana Daily Student, July 1982.

September 1982

After 25 years, Paul Gebhard, director of the Kinsey Institute, retired. One of the topics he oversaw was homosexuality.

Bell, Barbara. “Kinsey Director Recalls Sexual Trends.” Indiana Daily Student.

October 19th, 1982

William Masters speaks to an audience of 2700 at the IU Auditorium about natural sexual functions. He also included information about cross preference fantasies where a person who identifies as heterosexual fantasizes about a person of the same sex or where a person who identifies as a homosexual fantasizes about a person of the opposite sex.

Shelton, James. “Masters Lecture.” Indiana University Arbutus Yearbook, 1982. Bloomington: Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management, 1982.