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January 23rd, 1979

Chicago attorney Joe Schuman informs students in the School of Law at Indiana University, Bloomington about his positive stance on gay rights.

Altoma, Tiba. “Chicago Lawyer Favors Gay Rights.” The Indiana Daily Student, January 23, 1979.

January 26th, 1979

Indiana University Graduate David G. Kimmel is on trial for a suspected sodomy charge which took place on June 13, 1977.

Slawson, Bart. “New testimony Offered in Sodomy Trial.” The Indiana Daily Student, January 26, 1979.

February 15th, 1979

A concerned writer criticizes the Bloomington Gay Alliance’s presentation of a film called “A Very Natural Thing,” which she claims reinforce negative stereotypes about non-heterosexual life.

Walker, Kathie. “’A Natural Thing’ Stereotypes Gays.” The Indiana Daily Student, February 15, 1979.

October 22nd, 1979

A Gay Alliance chairperson comments about the double standard gay men and women face regarding public displays of affection.

Ryker, Lewis. “Gay Alliance Chairperson Says Heterosexual Ways ‘Flaunted’ Everyday.” The Indiana Daily Student, October 22, 1979.

October 31st, 1979

Indiana University freshman “Michelle” talks about coming out and the support she has received from the Gay Alliance in her transition from her hometown.

Michaelis, Dee. “Gay Student Looking Toward Active, Happy Life.” The Indiana Daily Student, October 31, 1979.

December 11th, 1979

An article is printed which explains the growing numbers of people in favor of a sexual liberation. The article predicts the numbers will only get larger in the decade to come.

Lavin, Chris. “Liberal Sex Movement Will Continue in 1980’s.” The Indiana Daily Student, December 11, 1979.