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June 16th, 1977

Indiana gay right activists plan a peaceful protest in reaction to Bryant's visit to Indianapolis to speak on the "Save Our Society" campaign. Despite Bryant's use of religion as an excuse of discrimination, the Christian Church's Disciples of Christ voted 11-5 to send members in support of protecting the civil liberties of homosexuals.

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September 1, 1977

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September 10th, 1977

After October 1, 1977, sodomy was no longer illegal in Indiana. Though there is no clear mention of homosexual rights, the Bloomington Gay Rights Coalition (BGRC) sees this as a pro-gay decision and hope the trend will last.

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October 9th, 1977

5,000 people come the Indiana State Fairgrounds to hear Anita Bryant and company speak against homosexuals. Protesters outside the rally likened Bryant and fellow "Save Our Society" members to McCarthyism, the KKK and Hitler. Supporters of the rally hoped for 10,000 or more viewers and blamed "bad weather on the poor turnout." Some think it may have to do with "local clergy supporting homosexuals' rights in their sermons."

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