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October 22nd, 1975

Bloomington Human Rights Commission (BHRC) meets to several times to discuss sex preference within its jurisdiction. Stemming from a women's complaint of being dismissed by her employer based on her homosexuality.

Watson, Tom. “Board Rejects Say Over Gay Rights.” Indiana Daily Student, October 22, 1975.

October 23rd, 1975

Bloomington Mayor Frank McCloskey urges the BHRC to amend their decison regarding not including sexual preference. McCloskey aligns the issues with discrimination on the basis of marital status i.e. divorced persons. Perhaps as a means of broadening the BHRC's decision to a larger population.

Spice, Byron. "Mayor Says Gays Need Equal Rights." Indiana Daily Student, October 23, 1975.

December 5th, 1975

Bloomington Common Council meets to amend 1972 human rights ordinance to include sexual preference. Mayor McCloskey is present to show his support. The tone of the article is distinctly negative in nature about the Council's decision.

Indianapolis Star, "Bloomington Approves 'Sex Law'," December 5, 1975.

December 8th, 1975

Responding to the Bloomington Common Council's amendment to the human rights ordinance and addressing the decision's relevance to faculty at Indiana University. The article states that the Council's decision should foster a more positive environment for homosexual faculty members.

Indiana Daily Student, "Gay Ordinance Covers University," December 8, 1975.

December 8th, 1975

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Indianapolis Star, "Bloomington O.K.s Homsexual Rights," December 6, 1975.