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January 7th, 1971

F. Thomas Schornhort, professor of law, held a talk at the Gay Liberation meeting over laws restricting ‘private morality’ activities are necessary.

Stafford, Harold. “Regulation of Sex Crimes Topic of Gay Lib Meeting.” Indiana Daily Student, January 7, 1971.

January 14th, 1971

New Ecology book compiled by Emile Nytrate has a section under the title Strange Love which offer legitimate gay love ads.

Kennedy, Russ. “Strange Love Ads Displayed in Underground Book.” Indiana Daily Student, January 14, 1971.

April 19th, 1971

Rev. Billy Hudson, a proclaimed homosexual, who seeks to start a “Church if Equality” has meeting in Bloomington Indiana.

Stafford, Harold. “Group Establishes Church of Equality.” Indiana Daily Student, April 19, 1971.

May 20th, 1971

Dr. Franklin Kameny, founder and president of Mattachine Society, spoke at the Imperial House Inn about the violation of civil rights of homosexuals.

Stafford, Harold. “Gay President to Speak Friday.” Indiana Daily Student, May 20, 1971.

June 5th, 1971

Jake Baker president of student body at the University of Minnesota will speak at Indiana University about the legislation of gay marriages.

Indiana Daily Student, “Gays to talk on legal homosexual marriages,” May 27, 1971.

July 8th, 1971

Gay Liberation gives “call out” for all gays to come and meet because attendance has been low in the 23 months it has been in operation.

Stafford, Harold. “The Libs.” Indiana Daily Student, July 8, 1971.

July 26th, 1971 Members of Gay Liberation protest Nick English Hut over “oppressive and insulting” sign hung inside the bar.

Indiana Daily Student, July 26, 1971.

October 16th, 1971

Dale Mitchell, if elected, will be the first openly gay student to win student senate at Indiana University.

Stafford, Harold. “Gays Can Have Power: Mitchell.” Indiana Daily Student, October 16, 1971. <comments />