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March 11th, 1970

Article highlighting the history of the Kinsey Institute speaks of outrage and prejudice encountered by Kinsey due to assertion that one in three men engage in homosexual activity.

Indiana Daily Student, "Institutes History not Free of Difficulties," March 11, 1970.

March 12th, 1970

Reports mentions current study in process done by Kinsey institute on “homosexuals” in San Francisco.

Indiana Daily Student, “Sex Institute: Now,” March 12, 1970.

April 15th, 1970

“Sutton On…” reoccurring opinion column responds to movie “The Boys in the Band.” Sutton cites his personal exposure to homosexuals on campus and urges acceptance not hate for ‘homosexuals,’ calls it psychological problem.

Sutton, Alan. “Sutton On…” Indiana Daily Student, April 15, 1970.

April 20th, 1970

“Face the Draft” a reoccurring segment answering questions about the draft details the process of getting medical verification of “personal condition” if you are a homosexual. Also mentions other “sexual deviate” practices that would disqualify you for military service such as transvestitism.

Indiana Daily Student, “Face the Draft,” April 20, 1970.

April 20th, 1970

Editorial Response to “Sutton On…” applauds Sutton’s mention of topic visibly missing from IDS. Calls for gays to come together to gain freedom for sexual and self-expression.

Johnson, S. “Column Applauded.” Indiana Daily Student, April 20, 1970.

June 17th, 1970

Article about book published by three Indiana inmates. Prisoners complain about “homosexualism,” guards reply anytime you put same sex together you are going to have trouble.

Indiana Daily Student, “Indiana Prisoners Publish,” June 17, 1970.

November 3rd and 4th, 1970

Announcement for Gay Liberation Front meeting on Wednesday, November 4 in State Room of IMU.

Indiana Daily Student, “Today on Campus,” November 3-4, 1970.

November 3rd, 1970

Article about ‘radical’ student organizer in Forrest Dorm. Article mentions ‘rap session” and panel discussion between Gay Liberation Front and Women’s Liberation Front.

Beach, Kim. “Forrest has ‘Radical’ Chief.” Indiana Daily Student, November 3, 1970.

November 4th, 1970

Editorial from a man who was barred from entering GLF/WLF meeting with his girlfriend because discussion was women only.

Grippe, Kerry. “Women’s Lib Exclusive.” Indiana Daily Student, November 4, 1970.

November 10th, 1970

Review of film “Tell me that you love me Junie Moon.” Criticizes film’s depiction of homosexual character as unrealistic due to “impenetrable ego is too constant to be true.”

Sanchez, Jose. “’Junie Moon’ Disappointing.” Indiana Daily Student, November 10, 1970.

November 17th and 18th, 1970

Announcement for Gay Liberation Front Meeting. To include poetry meeting by Paul Mariah. Lists contact person Wilson E. Allen.

Indiana Daily Student, “Today on Campus,” November 17-18, 1970.

November 18th, 1970

Editorial about two women trying to marry each other in Louisville, KY. Writer argues for homosexual marriage, comparing its prohibition to anti-miscegenation laws, and argues for social acceptance of homosexuals.

Editorial, “It’s Time to Accept ‘Unconventional’ Reality.” Indiana Daily Student, November 18, 1970.

Films with known queer content, shown in Bloomington in 1970:

Gay Deceivers, Early March

The Damned, Late March

The Boys in the Band, April

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, June–November

Sappho Darling, December <comments />