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January 11th, 1969

Movie: “Therese and Isabelle.” Playing at the Von Lee Theatre, “Strangest love story ever told.” Two young girls in boarding school experience lesbianism for the first time.

Von Lee Theatre. “Therese and Isabelle.” Indiana Daily Student, January 11, 1969.

February, 1969

Indiana State Senator Danny Burton sponsors visitation bill to have the word sex replaced with gender. Opposite gender’ means sex?

Harvey, Julie. “Opposite Gender Means Sex?” Indiana Daily Student, February, 1969.

May 22nd, 1969

Movie: “The Killing of Sister George.” Playing at the Towne Cinema, three consenting adults in the privacy of their own home have a lesbian love triangle.

Towne Cinema. “The Killing of Sister George.” Indiana Daily Student, May 22, 1969.

July 26th, 1969

Movie: “The Gay Deceivers.” Playing at the Towne Cinema, two men pose as gay lovers to avoid the draft. “They had to keep their hands off of girls in order for the army to keep their hands off of them.”

Towne Cinema. “The Gay Deceivers.” Indiana Daily Student, July 26, 1969.

October 1st, 1969

Movie: “Staircase.” Playing at the Towne Cinema, Homosexuality drama about dependence and intimacy between two hairstylists.

Towne Cinema. “Staircase.” Indiana Daily Student, October 1, 1969.

October 3rd, 1969

Movie: “Midnight Cowboy.” Playing at the Village Theatre, unsuccessful at being hired as a “stud” for wealthy woman, Joe is driven to homosexuality escapades, petty theft, and violence to get money for food.

Village Cinema. “Midnight Cowboy.” Indiana Daily Student, October 3, 1969.

October 8th, 1969

Editorial saying: “Heterosexuals of the world disunite!” Allan Sutton quotes geneticist Michael Lerner who encourages homosexuality to keep the population down.

Editorial, Indiana Daily Student, October 8, 1969.

November 12th, 1969

Equal rights for gays! First gay organization to gain recognition in the Midwest on a Big Ten campus at the University of Michigan.

Indiana daily Student, November 12, 1969.

November 15th, 1969

Present work at the Sex Research Institute includes three studies on Homosexuality and two on the attitudes toward sexual behavior and pornography.

Clark, Vicki. “I.U. Sex Institute Still Quietly Working.” Indiana Daily Student, November 15, 1969. <comments />